Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So there are things that come and go in my life that kind of get to me. For instance, things I haven't gotten to yet. My music-illiterate son has seen Paul McCartney play; at Coachella! I have never seen Paul McCartney play his guitar and sing nor have seen Mick Jagger dance. Paul, the voice of our generation and Mick, the leader of the original boy band...

I have never been to Spain; Spain! From whence I derive my American existence. I'm sure anyone can agree that without the Americas, there would have been no English colonialism. Regardless, I have never been to Spain. I really want to go.

I want to go to Mongolia, too, and photograph the wild horses while they are still wild. I want to teach in a public school for one year. I want to open and operate a really good restaurant; I want to own and buy for a shop. I wanna ride a horse through the Bob Marshall Wilderness. I want to drive the Gulf Coast highway in spring; raft the Salmon river. Walk sea to sea in the north of England. See Manchester U play at home. See the cherry trees bloom in the D of C. Walk the botanical garden north of Chicago one more time. Go to the opera every month for two years. Eat Hot and Sour Soup at a Vietnamese restaurant in Paris in January again. Be in Rome on Christmas Day again, too. And find a red velvet coat like that one lady wore as she elegantly strolled the Via della Conciliazione to Christmas mass.

I want to study art history purposely and with devotion. I want to be able to do 50 one-armed push ups, make the absolute perfect pudding, and amass an impressive library of books to leave to my grandchildren. I have a lot of things I want to get done but my life, my responsibilities are greedy for my attention and serve to distract me from the curiosity that consumes me yet, consumes me still and makes me wet with anticipation and impatience this morning.

Life can be good even in the darkest moments of winter...

The 'Kan EWA