Saturday, May 12, 2007


(i love you too)



The 'Kan EWA


Joe said...

Whoa Dude! Another Birthday! This is what happens when you grow up. They just keep comin'.
I like the pics...especially the elementary school ones with the "hair".

susan said...

Awww. You saved that. That is so sweet. I found the recipes on some of your previous posts. I will definately be making homemade macaroni and cheese soon. I have only ever eaten the box kind. I think you are going to ruin me for the ordinary. lol

MarmiteToasty said...

That is sooooooooo precious........ I have kept all the little notes me lads use to leave around........ when my X first left, my Jacob would write on scraps of paper....... I LOVE you mummy and leave them in cupboards and the fridge lol.....

Susan? you can buy macoroni cheese in a BOX? a bloody box? WTF lol


Southwark Lad said...

Hits don't stop. Have a great bday man. Here's to many more!!

The Fool said...

Happy Mother's Day Cheechacko. The little reminders...which reminds me that I have envelopes of refridgerator scraps from my boys tucked away somewhere. I'll have to dig them out and see what heart-touches are in there. After all, it's Mother's Day.


Have a terrific Sunday.

Carla said...

Have a great mother's day. What a fabulous little note. A real treasure.

Anonymous said...

A day late and thousands short. Hope you had an ab fab Mother's Day, you Mother to all.

I love you, Schmeebsie-a-rooni.
(stupid goofy smile while happy)