Saturday, May 12, 2007

He always was this. From Day 1. He was a beloved only grandson. Do you remember me telling you about the day he was born?

I like to think about him when he was in about the fourth grade. That was his hair and teeth period.

They were a famous duo; sometimes more "famous" than others.


Looking damned good

The new baby

A party with the boys on May 12 about 23 years ago.

Happy Birthday, Ben. I hope #33 is

the best year of your entire life!




The 'Kan EWA


JBelle said...

The chirping from the Peanut Gallery has started. If tomorrow is your birthday and you are 32, the upcoming year will be your 33rd.


JBelle said...

Like I'd screw this sort of thing up.

PDX Pup said...

Look, I just made the comment because Ben is 3 years older than me and you freaked me out because I was SURE I wasn't turning 30 until next year. Like I'm ready to take that bullet. Sheesh.

Carla said...

I absolutely love pictures from peoples childhood. Those were obviously very special times.

MarmiteToasty said...

:) we both have a 'Ben' that makes us special LOL

so LOVE the photos..... xxx