Monday, May 14, 2007

Mama JD stopped by with an offer to play I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours. It's been my experience that noone ever really shows you theirs but as MamaJ is a Viking and a Vandal, as am I, it would be unseemly not to play. Downright unsociable! Herewith are 7 random things about JBelle from The 'Kan EWA.

1. I hate to cook.

2. The thing I love about the city, any city, and the woods are one and the same: you go on foot and survive on your wits. Love the city. Love the woods.

3. Don't like driving. Like to drive. Don't like driving. The car is such a bothersome annoyance of day to day living in The 'Kan EWA. I would happily go on foot from the bus. Well, that's not totally true now, is it? I'd love to have a driver. I'd sit in the back seat and fiddle with my iPod and my Treo and hop out and then back in again. Yup, a driver. Would love it. Although let it be know that I LOVE to walk to work.

4. My ideal job: perennial gardener at Manito Park. It's completely true they are doing some lovely things with annuals around the park lately; nevertheless, I want to be in the perennials. And their rose garden is lovely, but they use buckets and buckets of chemicals, making it a highly toxic no fly zone for birds and bugs and bees. sigh. I want to be in the perennials. 12 months a year. In the seventies, the gardeners used to work with their dogs, who of course, had the ubiqutous red bandana tied around their neck.

5. My favorite non-native artists are Chagall and Klimpt. But that figures, right? My favorite local artists in this order are: Horswill, McCudden and Grimes.

6. Which brings up another point: although I have met Michael Horswill (and he IS from Montana), usually I do not have a desire to meet people whose work I deeply admire. Or people I admire. Would rather read their books, know their work, watch them in action.

7. Finally, I am riding my bike through Viet Nam in November with 8 other people I do not know. In through Ho Chi Minh, out through Hanoi. Renting my bike when I get there. Trek. We'll see; we'll see....

On Location
Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco


mamaJD said...

JBelle - I love your stuff. I feel a kindred spirit with you. FYI: my husband and I did a destination wedding in PV overlooking Mismaloya. I love Pipis and Los Pibes (downtown location) as well as Maximillian. Are those restaurants still there?
I am jealous of your location.

Yes, my mother in law, aka the Diva, sings like an angel. She was the Cantor for many years at the Cathedral in town.

JBelle said...

I know. I go to the Cathedral. Went to GU, too. Know both of 'em. I guessed, MamaJ. I love your stuff, too, not only because you are interesting and we have lots and lots in common, but you are authentic, read that real, read that honest. Know what? If you go the cemetary on Government Way, there is a picture of my mother. It's not too hard to find her. I am not as beautiful as she but you'll get the idea. Like my dad, I'm a Vandal. :)

InlandEmpireGirl said...

When you get the job at Manito, call and I will be your assistant. The perennial garden there was as much of an inspiration for my gardens as pictures and books.I kept calling them and asking the gardeners about plants. Of course,then we loved the plant sale. It was a traditional trip every year for Mom and I. Then a guy up the road began a perennial wholesale business and has a sale in May and September. I love to support him now.
I was very surprised you hate to cook. With the great recipes you share I figured were part of a cooking club or had a cooking show or something!

mamaJD said...

The Diva and I have been discussing this and she has good memories of you. Do you remember honey at a restaurant being dripped from a ladder?

PDX Pup said...

OHMYGOD, MamaJD! I LOVED that place when I was little. I was devastated when it closed or whatever. Seriously, seriously loved it. It was one of my favorite places to go.

toadman said...

You hate to cook? Interesting. I suppose, then, all that cooking you did for us was quite a personal sacrifice. I'll remember that when I eat more chicken tomorrow at work (and you're in Mexico...ahem...).

JBelle said...

In my mind, and in my heart, cooking and taking the best care of my family that I can are two different things. Two different things. We have very strong culinary/kitchen traditions in all sides of our family so I really don't have a choice--it's solidly in my DNA.