Wednesday, May 09, 2007


A personal technique from the Executive Chef at Bellemaison

You only need two things for good fried chicken. A good pan and locally grown chicken. If I had to do without one, I'd use a different pan. What makes good chicken is grain-fed, fresh chicken. Not slop-fed shipped chicken from Arkansas. I beg your pardon, my dear readers in Arkansas and I assure you, this is how it is in The Kan 'EWA. And if I was in Arkansas, and you agreed to feed the chickens grain, I'd HAPPILY use your chicken as I'm sure it would be the freshest, most wholesome alternative. But here, for good chicken we use Washington grown, fresh, not frozen.

In a dutch oven, preferably cast iron, heat canola oil until a small fleck of flour sizzles and sparks. After having washed, cut up and floured boneless, skinless chicken breasts, place in hot oil and salt and pepper. Cook on high until a nice crust forms. Turn chicken with tongs, not a fork, and salt and pepper again. Now turn heat down to medium low, cover the pan, and let chicken steam until done. You can tell because the color of the meat will change and the flesh will not be flexible. Be careful on boneless chicken not to overcook. Transfer to a pan covered with foil and keep in the oven at 250 until you have finished cooking all the chicken. Here at Bellemaison, we go for the drumsticks for the dark meat, because that's what the kids like. Joe Montana is a bit of a thigh man and from time to time, I indulge him. The thighs don't seem to do as well if they are skinned and I have a philosophical difference with chicken skin. I give the drumsticks a special dispensation however. If you are looking for the logic, let me assure on that point: there is none. The chicken here at Bellemaison is the bedrock of comfort food and we offer it to you with our highest assurance.



The 'Kan EWA


JBelle said...

One thing I didn't mentioned is grilled asparagus: snap ends off fresh asparagus and wash thoroughly. Place in 9x13 pan. Drizzle generously with EVOO, coating each spear with oil. Place on grill or oven broiler pan. Crack fresh pepper and sprinkle sea salt. Grill or broil, being careful not to overcook. The little kids will eat this.

PDX Pup said...

Fried Chickin and mac n'cheese? Is there any better dinner than this? Add the asparagus, and I think not! (Except actually maybe jackpot with baked potatoes--or jackpot IN the baked potatoes!)

JBelle said...

A secret pride I've held most of my life is that my chilren are not picky eaters. They always ate prodigious quantities of fruits and vegetables and loved everything you put in front of them, although some things just never made the final cut. Not surprisingly, as adults they are all quite good cooks. That pleases me. I know they will never go hungry. I know they will pass the kitchen traditions of our families on to their own children. Even other people's children. :)

MarmiteToasty said...

I dont think I can read this post.......not now I have Janet LMFAO.........

Bugger, Gordon is here to sort out the hot water again, remember Gordon and the Eric incident that prompted me into blobbing;)

Be back in a bit to read proper..


toadman said...

I hope you don't mind my little tongue in cheek post today about Toadmaison.



JBelle said...

You are not a nice person. Toad. But you'll pay penance. Soon Joe Montana will deliver the aforementioned comfort food to your personal residence as a celebratory measure of congratulations on the expansion of the Toad franchise. Now don't you feel bad for mocking me?

Toad Girl can check here for ingredients so as to maintain compliance with any dietary regimens at ToadMaison. (cracking up!) I'm gonna send the Chows over those cats next. (rubbing hands in glee)

InlandEmpireGirl said...

and a new recipe for chicken... Wow! My mom is our chicken queen... I will share it with her also. I love filling up my recipe box this week.

Carla said...'re making me hungry rather late in the evening. And it's too late to be off to the grocery store to pick up chicken. I totally agree with you about those little chicks. They have to be local and grain fed. I find the other stuff very unpalatable. I like my asparagus with butter and fresh lemon juice.

Anonymous said...

I shall utter nothing more than a "Hello, nice Chickin." My head still smarts from the other day.

I read the recipe. I still don't get it. Jello is as Jello does but maybe that's just me. Apparently so. Oh well.

You're cookin'. Don't even think I'm going anywhere near a kitchen when you're around.

/rubbing head


JBelle said...

Gardener Girl: I put these recipes up because a group of us got together some things for Toad, who posts here, and his family to celebrate their new baby. I wanted to make sure his wife, whom I do not know, could easily find the ingredients and prep methods so she would know what her family is eating. Thanks for being patient.

I LOVE asparagus, steamed with lemon and butter. And this grilled asparagus is a rather recent development. But I sure like it. Very Tuscany.

Your Holiness: (takes her aside) (lowers voice to a tiny whisper) Did you miss the part about Toad's kids? the jello was for Toad's kids? the recipe was so his wife could see what his kids were eating? No one here is going to make you eat jello, Your Holiness. All is well. Here. Let me kiss your ring.

Anonymous said...



Good one.


mamaJD said...

I will be trying the chicken! I also "tagged" you with an assignment over on my blog. I would love to get to know you better!

toadman said...

The Chicken is great!! We're still eating it..

Oh, and I am a nice person.. I'm just a smart ass, that's all...that's how I hide all the inner turmoil in my troubled soul...heh...