Sunday, January 01, 2006

Best Quotes of 2005

(no particular order of importance; just things that were said that slowed me down or that I think about still)
Here I am living in a house of cedar, while the ark of God dwells in a tent. --King David
Whaddya want us to do? Kill Mufasa? --The Hyenas
I got soul, but I'm not a solider. --Franz Ferdinand
Work hard, do your job, and keep your mouth shut. --Don Hackney
Be not afraid. --John Paul II
Do not abandon yourself to despair; we are an Easter people and hallelujah is our song. --JP2
I have a sweet tooth for song and music; this is my Polish sin. --JP2
Stupidity is also a gift from God; but one musn't misuse it. --JP2
Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day of the year. --Ralph Waldo Emerson
I can't sing as high as I used to. --Bob Seger
Tattoos: yell yes, it hurts! --Jimmy Buffett
La dee dah. --dimuative barmaid breaking up a fight between two drunk Native Americans in East Sprague bar

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Bre said...

I like the tatoo one, hell yes it hurts. I had my navel peirced and I have a tatoo and if anyone says either of those don't hurt they are full of crap! The navel only hurts for a second but it still hurts! The tatoo hurts pretty bad, but I'd do it again if there was something I wanted.

jb3ll3 said...

That line is from the live album, Cheeseburger in Paradise. I listen to it on my iPod when I run. It always just cracks me up! He yells it right out, with no context in the middle of the song.