Sunday, January 01, 2006

Lotta people think that third child of mine that I talk about is really an imaginary child because he just never seems to appear. When I bring up his name, I see the quick, kind smiles and wide eyes and approving nods. Ooooh, really JBelle? Is he really? Is that right? No, lots of people just don't think that third child, who is the first child, really exists. Well. Know this. Of the three, he has the prettiest eyes. (although, only by a lash; it's a tough competition.) He is the one person on this earth that can make me laugh out loud. He is the child of my youth--my passion, my ambition, my naivete, my great mistakes, my foolishness. He's the one that will always tell me the truth about me, but never about him. He's the one that, like me, really needs his sleep. Unlike me, he doesn't like yardwork. Like me, he loves his dog. Unlike me, he can stand a messy kitchen. Like me, he enjoys a good restaurant. Unlike me, he can be unfailingly patient. I have a funny feeling that this year is going to be his year. Something in these ancient mountains tells me that this is the year that Beni Hanna will rule the universe. I mean the one outside my heart.

On Location
Lac Louise Canada

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