Friday, September 26, 2008

Best, Summer 2008

The Chows thought it would be a really nice idea to end the summer with a Best Of List, as we started the summer with just that. As you can imagine, defining the absolute best of a stellar, cosmic summer such as 2008 stirred alot of dialogue and discussion at Club Chow. But in the end, they said they could all agree on the best, because it was so very the best. I think I followed that. But anyway, here, in no particular order, is the Best of Summer 2008.

Car d'Lane

This is so much fun. Sherman Avenue. People wavin', drivin', groovin'. We loved them all, particularly Don Sausser's yellow van. The Chows note with sizzling accuracy that The General was Best of Show but the pink Cadillac that did the slow low crawl up Sherman Ave purring wasssup babygirrrl? made us stand up and howl. Best seen and be seen moment all summer.


Hundreds of writers and artists aren't lying; this is summertime Nirvana. A June Valhalla. A sublime, sensual experience on steroids. The Camarogue; Arles; the Papal Palace in Avignon; the markets; the lavendar; the panache; the starry, starry midnight skies. There is no adequate comment on Provence; only a deep yearning to go back. Again and again. Best of all the rest of summer.

Priest Lake

It's The Litugy of The Summertime to camp on the shores of Priest Lake in North Idaho. We would never miss church nor the Feast of The Dutch Oven. Just wouldn't be right. Besides, we wanna go to heaven. Best getaway of summer.


The roses were exceptional this year and surely the rainy, wet spring was the major contributing factor. Holy epsom salts, what a show!

Turkey Burgers

Yeah, yeah we ran out like everybody else and bought the chipotle tabasco and made Oprah's turkey burgers. Quite tasty at that. Best new recipe of summer.


The roses AND the huckleberries were exceptional this summer. Best birthrite and blessing of a North Idaho summer.


What I love about the Olympics is that you begin as an American dominatrix--the uber fan that races home from work, screams through the door as TiVo clicks on and never misses one moment of the action. You know every person on every team and sweat out and celebrate every American conquest. You brag at social events about the Americans and their pursuit of the elusive gold medal. But two weeks later you end up as a student of the universe, a spectator of things never seen before, a fan of performance and the will to endure and then excell. You cry through the closing ceremony and realize you know jack about sports or competition. You are utterly humbled. You swear there will never,ever be another Olympics like this one. You are exhausted. God, what a super-human effort. On your part. Best American Moment of Summer 2008.

Democratic National Convention

Oh yum. Obama's acceptance speech was much less a speech and much more a homily. It was a pretty, pretty thing. Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton stepped up in her fabulous orange pantsuit and settled, once and for all, who's The Man in the Democratic Party. And Mrs. Michelle Obama! Walking grace, elegance and IQ. Best glimpse all summer of what we really should want to be.

Trail of The Coeur d'Alenes

Again. And again. And yet again! What can I say about the most incredible recreational experience in all of Idaho? Just what can I say? Except get out there and do it if you haven't. Cretin. Best out of body summer experience.

In Plain Sight

We never missed Mary McCormack's new series on ET. It was awesome. First, it's in Albuquerque. Second, the supporting cast with Lesley Ann Warren and Cristian de la Fuente is second to none. Third, I love the girl herself. Keep reading. Best TV of the summer.

Boeing Boeing Boeing

Well, well, well. Mary McCormack. I originally became aware of her work on West Wing. Always thought she needed a hairdresser but it turns out that was part of her character on WW. On a stop over in New York this summer I buy tickets to the show that had the entire West End of London belly laughing and pointing. What you say, could make rude and obnoxious buffoons out of the British? 'Boeing, Boeing, Boeing'. A farce set in Paris about a bachelor, played by Bradley Whitford, also of West Wing, who is having an affair with three different stewardesses simultaneously. Mary McCormack plays the German stewardess, with a Fuhrer-like stance and a big Aryan nod to the SS and the Nazis. She was priceless! Dead perfect comedic timing and body language second to none. And the girl can roar. ROAR. Best performance of the summer and my vote for la Antonio, female lead in a comedy that is.

Sarah Palin

Governor Sarah Palin that is. Think what you want of the Republicans and their ticket this election year; I'd probably agree with you on most counts but what we absolutely should not disagree on is that the GOP successfully rebranded the Republican Party in a nanosecond when GSP's name went on the ballot. No longer the party of old white men, from Texas or Connecticut, the GOP now is young, vibrant, of child-bearing age, and capable of turning heads and setting tongues wagging. GSP single-handedly revitalized politics in the US of A and I'm sure, I am positive, that the best is yet to come. Stay tuned. Best Holy Chow moment of summer.

So there you have it. We just had the best time around here this summer...

The 'Kan EWA


MarmiteToasty said...

Sounds like you had a super summer........ I didnt lol..... I did last year and I hope I do next year....

My Jacob loves your dogs LOL says they like like little lions though :)


JBelle said...

aw, geez. P33t wouldn't like you calling him little. Jacob neither. P33t wants it acknowledged that he's a big dog, and thus the main dog. Cleo says P33t's a stupid dumb something, Sylvie says you and she and Jacob can be BFF and Do' had no comment. She just watches from the corner. The Chows have been talking about Halloween and getting ready; they want to do the graveyard this year. We haven't done it for a few years soooo maybe we'll get the headstones out, hang Shorty from the pine tree and light the fright lights. oooooooooo!

Inland Empire Girl said...

In all my camping around the inland empire,we have never been to Priest Lake. Go figure.We must make a trip over the hill into Priest country next summer. I loved your list. You had such a variety of events and activities!

MarmiteToasty said...

You doodles sure do start halloween early...... ya dont usually see any halloween pumpkins or displays until maybe the day before LOL........

I scare trick or treaters to death when they come here..... well, parents shouldnt take little tots trick or treating if they dont want them to wet their pants LOL


Lindsey said...

J.kay. Classic. Mr. Wade has my maiden name as his middle... Very Regal. :) Of course of LOVE the suggestion where my name comes into play... :)

JBelle said...

I know that about Wade! and I loves that to death. Loves it. That's why I think the whole Xtxxxxx thing is so hott, hott, hott! JKay. All the cool girls go by their first initial in front of their middle name! ;)

JBelle said...

Mrs. Roosevelt! omy!

hmmm. I am hard pressed to direct you to my favorite PL campground because of course, there is such a selection. But darn, Girl, you can't go wrong with Luby Bay. You just can't do it! But the Indian Creek (?) (creek is it?) (Indian something) across the lake has showers! uh huh....

meet you there!

JBelle said...

You can't get started on Halloween too early at Bellemaison. Just can't do it. We will have our front door topiaries up as soon as I can find some white pumpkins, whom at the moment, are perplexing me. Went to 3 places today. NO WHITE PUMPKINS. :/