Monday, April 07, 2008

So I find myself in a place where I never dreamed of but I place where I always have always worked to be: my youngest child is graduating from college soon. My one ambition in life has always been the education on my children. I wanted it to be value-driven, thoughtful, disciplined, yet free from the "tyranny of precedent" as Clara Barton would have it. Their education has always been at the forefront of my ambition and of the activities and past times of our family.

As it turns out, I have raised one child whose politics are liberal, one child whose politics are conservative, one child who hasn't realized yet that he can vote and that people do vote. I've raised three children who are solid, bona fide, no matter whose definition you use, good cooks. One who likes to travel, two who like to be at home. I have three children, each with well developed senses of humor. One of my children will always be Best Dressed in any situation; two who will be doing what they can to keep up. uh oh. I bet I have ruffled some feathers with that one. All right. How about this? I have two children who drive expensive, fast cars that are head turner cars and one child who doesn't own a car.

My point is that they all act as their own agent, yet hold each other and me, quite dearly. They are all educated and learned. My work is done. Which is pretty darn scary for me, as I have to find a new job. And I dunno what exactly appeals to me better than showing my kids around and pointing out the pitfalls as we walk.

Sooooooo. Only one thing to do. Partaaaay. So partaay we will; celebrate our successes and anticipate our futures. One gig at a time. Let's do it.

The 'Kan EWA


Julie said...

Ahh, Jbelle, as a mother your work is never done!! You've guided them through childhood, and now to help them through adulthood. Although it doesn't seem as demanding, there are still times when they will go to Mom for her experience with problems that arise.

My kids are well past college and have their own families, but there are still times when they show up at my door needing advise or to be pointed in the right direction.

Come to think of it, I still need my mother, though not like I did as a kid, there are still those times when her experience comes in handy.

toadman said...

Congratulations on a job well done...and have fun with the job yet done.

Phil said...

Their education has always been at the forefront of my ambition and of the activities and past times of our family.

This is exactly what my life is all about right now. I want my kids to learn, to have fun, to grow, to make memories, all so they will grow into happy and well-adjusted adults.

That's the goal, anyway. I just want them to be free-thinking people who make good choices for themselves and for others.

Have fun partying...

The Fool said...

Remember Cheech...after our own children it's time for spoiling grandchildren. I'm not quite there yet...but I hear it's a hoot.

There will be another turning of the wheel. Enjoy the party!

BX_boy said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you.

the psycho therapist said...

She is, your Mom, isn't she? Absolutely beautiful?

You are all blessed, Golden Boy.

Let it be.

Which I was all set to do, mind you, until I looked at the word verif: hnghusy.
A hung hussy.
I don't know...

(winking and smiling)

Inland Empire Girl said...

Your words sound so much like the words my parents spoke about our ( the siblings') educations. Between my dad moonlighting at a bar on week-ends and my mom teaching summer school they supported us as much as they could and all of us finished our college educations also. I remember attending that graduation with my parents at the Kibbie Dome when the last of us, my sister graduated. It was a proud, glorious day. Congratulations to you. The work of a parent kept going in our family and for that I am grateful. As I know you will always do... my parents provided that safe place called home where we are always welcome.

Kerri Thoreson said...

Jbelle, your work will never be just morphs into mother-in-law and grandma zone! Just spent a weekend in Viva Las Vegas with the youngest daughter who is 31! She's beautiful, well-traveled, wickedly witty and still making me smile as she did when as a toddler she earned the name Hurricane Sarah. LOL
The moral of the story my friend is that it doesn't end, this dance of motherhood, it merely shifts purpose and form.
Bloody Marys? :)

Candy Rant said...

Love your description of the trio of your kids. I'd be so curious to see what my own mom's assessment would be.
You definitely got some variety in those kids!

Lindsey said...

Ah HA! I found you! Someone linked to me from your page (probably you) and I found you! Hey, when are we gonna sign some papers?? :)