Thursday, November 01, 2007

I am a little cranky this morning because I didn't get much sleep at all last night. Promptly at the stroke of midnight, the Chows lit a candle, turned out the lights and Cleo began to read the entries in the Halloween Have a Go in his deep mellifluous voice. Earlier, Sylvie mixed up a big batch of the mulled wine we usually drink at Christmas and as the Chows had been sipping on it all evening, it didn't take them long to lapse into giggles once Cleo started with the "It was a ..... Halloween night."

When Do' gets tickled, she usually laughs so hard she rolls over on her side. At a point, she loses control, rolls over on her back and wrassles the carpet, all the while laughing so hard her black lips are pulled back, all her teeth show and she shakes all over as she beats the rug up with her back. There she is, all fours legs waving wildly in the air, laughing like a hyena. This is what kept waking me up! At a point, I went back downstairs for what was about the third or fourth time and all the lights were on and the Chows were all on their backs, laughing uncontrollably over something or another that Kendramama or Shinie wrote. God, how they love that Mike Kennedy. Anyway, they say these were the sterling moments in the batting order:

"Check out my ICE, bee-otch!" --Shinie

"Yo furball!" --grace

"Wear red socks and go as a Chow." --thomg (they went hysterical over this one)

"At home in felony flats." --toadman

"Heard the voice of Hilliary Clinton." --Bx Boy

"rumpled safari hat and Merrell's to go as Bob Tomlinson". --PDX Pup

"Larry Craig screamed and dropped his pants." --Eagle Eye

"Ill-fitting leisure suit and crocs and go as Walt Worthy." --John Austin

"This was going to be a serendipitous Halloween." --Kendramama

"Granati screamed and dropped his American Dolls magazine." --Granati

"drinking Hennessey." --In The Know

"rumped business shirt and Eccos to go as Jim Rivard." --Mama JD

But in the end, it was In The Know that took the night. They loved In The Know. They crave In The Know. They declare In The Know as The Grand Champion of the Halloween Have A Go. But they liked Shinie and Kendramama, too, so they declare it a three-way tie. Sometimes, they just can't come to a decision because tempers flare and then they start to fight and well, it's just not a good thing then. Just isn't. Fur and teeth and ...

So a three-way it is. They left me a note this morning tell me not to get them up as they had a late night and that they were going to be pretty busy now that Thanksgiving is on the radar. They have designated their good buddy daveo to be their registered agent and personal representative in this matter, so they are going to courier over three $50 bills to him to distribute to the winners. God Bless. Thanks for coming out. Drive safe.

The 'Kan EWA


toadman said...

Dogs never did like me much...well, there was one Golden Retriever that liked me...Buster...the rest never did. Oh well. I suppose I'll have to try to be more appealing to my canine audience.

mamaJD said...

Thanks, JBelle! It was fun to see what everyone would come up with.

Shinie said...

This was a fun Halloween Treat. Thanks JBelle!

the psycho therapist said...

Interesting, indeed.

I'm stickin' with my fave Slim Shady and heeeeere's Johnny Torrance. Hilarious.

Kendra said...

Heehee! After checking HBO the next morning and reading the thirteen entries (ooh, creepy!) that were there, I was laughing so hard I scared the baby.
And thought, "Well, I tried, but these later ones were freakin' hilarious."
Then, finding out here that the Chows were gracious and generous enough to pick three winners, I just knew a great big THANK YOU was in order!!
Good fun... (And wouldn't have been nearly as funny without some superbly creative blanks to fill in!)

Winters said...

All the entries were snort-inducingly rib-ticklingly brilliant.

As regards final decisions based upon fine-grained aesthetic distinctions, we defer of course to the wisdom of the chows.

For us mere humans to attempt such differentiations would be as vain as (to paraphrase a German philosopher) trying to repair spiders webs with our bare hands.

MarmiteToasty said...

Oh how I would love to be in the states for halloween...... but most of all I would LOVE to be in the states for Thanksgiving.... lol.... even though its 'family time' and I dont have family there.... I just have these visions (maybe from old films) of the closeness and love from extended family and friends.... I would just love to experience that.....xxxx