Friday, June 22, 2007

She said to me what do YOU Need? I said I need this:

I need somebody who wants to be something; not necessarily be somebody but SOMETHING. What lies in your ambition and what do you want to be?

I need somebody who wants to learn and get better. I went to college with John Stockton and until the day he retired from the NBA with the all time leading assist record, among others, he was working hard .every day. on getting better. His motto was If You Aren't Practicing Someone Else is.

I need somebody who knows that we are Men and Women For Each Other. I need someone who does not need explicit definition of the responsibility we hold for each other. Who have you
stepped up for today?

She said well. I can tell you this: there are no sick days in the Navy. I said That's enough. Let's begin.

The 'Kan EWA


MarmiteToasty said...

I need a cuppa tea then I'll be back :)


toadman said...

Duh.. I don't get it.. new hire in the office?

I give her a week.

The Fool said...

G'morning Cheechako. And there lies the checker to the key. Indeed. I really appreciate your reflection this morning. You have an admirable constitution, and a keen sensing of the real that lies between the impositions of the wants and the grounding of greater needs. Way cool. Happy Solstice, Cheech.

Carla said...

Fabulous! I likey. Great reflection, now I need my morning coffee. Enjoy the day.

mamaJD said...

You, my dear, are a great mother. One of substance.

Anonymous said...

there are no sick days in the Navy.

Hmmm, well, this is a most interesting post, as is your norm, and the words above elicit a strong response. My boss, the lead physician, is an ex-Navy man with a zero tolerance for anyone calling "out" sick. He says, "In the Navy they strap you to the mast if you're vomiting and that's that." While I understand his reasoning/position, I am repulsed by what feels like a lack of compassion. It's all about perspective, I suppose, all about the lens.

You have a brave warrior soul. I have always, and will always, stand in admiration of your courage and strength.

I miss you.


JBelle said...

I know it was vague; it was just how it was. The response that made the deal between us was acknowledging that she mainly had no idea what I was talking about but that she would be there for me and give it her best. That was good enough for me. So much of anything is 'showing up'. It is true I am known for my courage and strength, yet many days I am anything but courgeous or strong. I find that if I soldier on, there will be a moment, my opportunity, to rise and make change. And it's only a moment. I have to stay focused and keep watching. Most days are solidly scheduled for showing up and soldiering on. And all days are good; some are just not sunny and warm.