Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Loved the garden pictures enough to do it again. Hello Spring.

David Austin 'Something'

Joanna's Roses

'Midas Touch'

'Brass Band'


The 'Kan EWA


MarmiteToasty said...

I want to come and sit in your garden and recharge me soul.......


toadman said...

Ok...I think my wife would love to get a first hand tour of your garden...and soon!

toadman said...

I would too, for that matter. Looks nice.

The Fool said...

Lovely. Are those pictures "now?" If they are, I really am seriously living in the wrong place. There's still quite a snowpack out there. Blooms are a ways away still. I could do with a dose of spring about now. And hey, is that the "Smiling Angel" back there?


JBelle said...

Those are pictures from the fall of 2006; see the bright, clear light? And that angel was sent to me from Carerra, Italy after my mother died. The card said, "So you will always remember where she went".

She was an All American Beauty and those were the roses I planted all around the angel with maiden hair ferns from the banks of the St. Joe River.

Carla said...

Your flowers are fabulous. A little peaceful meditation in your garden would do me wonders. And the angel is lovely too.

The Fool said...

JBelle...that's a nice story on the angel memorial. Thanks for sharing.

Mommy Dearest said...

You need some pink flamingos!