Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just in case those folks over at Kellogg Bloggin' think we don't know how to give props.
The 'Kan EWA


InlandEmpireGirl said...

Being the sister of Raymond Pert at Kellogg Bloggin' and having just visited "Dave Smith Land/Kellogg" last week-end, you captured the essence of the lot beautifully. I love your roses also.

JBelle said...

heeey. :) Glad you liked it. It was just for you.

MarmiteToasty said...

how strange that all the people that work where ever that is all have the same colour car and all use the same car park- AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE? lol


JBelle said...

Kellogg, Idaho. It's not my story to tell.


Ask Starr.

toadman said...

The Red trucks are coming!!!
The Red trucks are coming!!!

The Fool said...

Hi JBelle. Scary. Have all the other colors been outlawed? In Japan, the majority of the cars are white (you just don't stand out if you can help it) this something along the same lines? Ah, to be 14 and to have a spray can...

Still, it's a mystery?? But I don't suppose you're gonna tell, are you?


Wondering said...

jbelle, I'll be glad to help you with the dollhouse.

raymond pert said...

What do you mean, "Ask Starr"!!??

Starr can, and will, with aplomb, and good wit, tell all the stories he wants about the east end of the Silver Valley: Wallace, Placer Creek, the Compression District.

But Kellogg: that's the turf of Raymond Pert, InlandEmpire Girl, and Silver Valley Girl!!!

*mutters "Ask Starr" grumble grumble...heaves huge sigh...walks away, still muttering*

JBelle said...

For crying out loud. Let's end the drama, Raymond. Tell the nice folks what they are looking at. And Starr is Marmie's friend. He is sending her an elk skull. Just settle down. geeeeesh.

JBelle said...

annd you forget your manners. just how do you like the picture? awesome, right? :)

raymond pert said...

*Gathers of being indignant...slight mutter..ask Starr..breathes...lets go....can be civil again*

That picture really tells the whole story of town economy selling trucks and cars..the ubiquitous presence of Dave Smith...little care about aesthetics,,turn the town into a vehicle lot....the bare hill left center...some failed hill gouging effort...big scar..nothing productive...the scrawny tree in the foreground...a beautification attempt...still deeply ironic...but the city fathers and mothers try..but beautifying Kellogg is still a scrawny effort...a lot to be you look slightly deep er into your picture, you can see the top of the new Medical Center..
and deep into the background the lovely hill that serves as a background to the high school...the hill sits regal, never touched by Smelter Smoke...the site was once obscured by the smoke...but never really touched...unlike the young pines to the left below the gouge...the trees on the hill in the deep bacground grow old and sturdy...the story of Kellogg in a single snapshot...bless you

raymond pert said...


please support me in this: I wrote my last comment without having seen your previous two...I was writing it while you posted the others...I gathered myself, ended my drama, wrote about the picture,and praised you all on my own....I did not need my back on this one?

(i'm being totally honest!)

: )

raymond pert said...

For you who don't know: Kellogg was a boomtown. Mining of lead and silver. Smelting of the same. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Pollution, pollution, pollution. Toxic air. Befouled river running through town.

1981: Party's over. The mining and smelting operations in town shut down.

The trucks you see are signs of the new economy. Car dealer Dave Smith started selling vehicles. He has stockpiled a large inventory. People come from everywhere to buy trucks and cars from Dave Smith.

I often write about Kellogg in my blog:

so do my sisters, silver valley girl and InlandEmpireGirl

ask us if you have more questions

If you are desperate, ask Starr.

After all, Starr coached j.v. basketball two years in Kellogg, but his real expertise is in the East Silver Valley.

If you have questions about the other end of the valley, ask Starr.

Don't ask me. That's his turf!

(And he's a great writer...he kills me off....I think he's really funny)
We were baseball teammmates in the summer of 1970..that's another story

JBelle said...

okay, okay, Raymond. I'm going to mark you as complete on this one. Nicely done, in fact. And listen, Dude, I can't help it if Marmie and Starr are friends, okay? Marms, your Starr's friend, right?

JBelle said...

And really is a surreal experience to go to Dave Smith's Motors, who sells Chrysler, Dodge, GMC, Jeep, what else? Raymond. CAdillacs. They have rows and rows of the same color and kind of a car. It is am immense dealership and they do their business over the internet. It's still cheaper for people to fly in to pick up their car and drive it back to whereever because nobody beats Dave! :)

Silver Valley Girl said...

Ah, you've insprired me. Maybe I should do a whole blog posting on the various Dave Smith lots around town...the red truck lot, the mini van lot, the white truck and van lot, the Magnum lot. For those of you who have never experienced Dave Smith Motors in Kellogg, a fun game to play while in your car driving past DSM is the "try and swerve to miss the bleached spikey haired blue shirt khaki pants salesman crossing the street" game. But usually I try and avoid that intersection at all costs.

You did a lovely job of capturing the essence of the big red truck lot. Very nice!!

JBelle said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I have been planning this surprise for a long time. I wanted to wait for spring. ? don't know why. I did not know you when I took this picture but when I met the 3 of you, I remembered I had it and knew it was going to be put to good use. :)

InlandEmpireGirl said...

Along with avoiding the intersection and the "try and swerve to miss the bleached spikey haired blue shirt khaki pants salesman crossing the street" game I also struggle with the BBQ smoke billowing all around the Dave Smith corner each Saturday when they cook hamburgers or hot dogs and offer them free to their customers from near and far. Sadly, I still dread seeing my former beautiful brick elementary school across the street turned into another set of offices and shops for D.Smith. Alas, the only thing on the roof used to be red playground balls kicked too hard at recess. Now it is a huge smiley face balloon guy with sunglasses.At least the Rena Theater across the street is still intact.

raymond pert said...

I'm supposed to miss those guys? Guess I'll have to quit collecting those bleached spiky hair scalps I've scraped off my windshield and have stapled on my wall.

*mutters about not being able to have any fun any more*

MarmiteToasty said...

Im everyones friend LMFAO ..... friendly old Mel thats me name LMFAO........ giggling.....

Wheres me bloody elk head ;)