Friday, June 09, 2006

The 3 Lions Will March Again

That's right. You heard it here first. Brazil's going down. Rooney's healthy and the Brits will reclaim the world championship for the first time since Wembley, 1967. And if any of you ADD, non-IQs types have the BALLS, this is soccer we're talking about, to comment here and tell me how boring soccer is, I say

bring your best. Let's hear it.

The 'Kan EWA


green libertarian said...

I was going to comment about soccer, then I thought about, and promptly fell asleep.

jb3ll3 said...

okay, who else? I'll take a couple of you at a time, as it's not sporting to go one on one with weenies.

vendella von messershmitt said...

Again, as last night's Colbert Report so succinctly stated, we in the US don't give a hoot about the world or the world cup (cough).

Heh, heh, heh.

I care about you, though, Schmeebs. That should count for something...;)

green libertarian said...

Turn and cough.

Oh, my aching hernia!


jb3ll3 said...

I just watched the England/Paraguay game. I LOVE soccer. Prince William is there in a jacket and tie. The crowd, 45,000+ bursts into an impromptu rendidion of 'God Save the Queen' at the 84th minutes. Beckham. Peter Crouch. Joe Cole. Lamperd. Nelson Valdez. I can't believe I'm here and the World Cup is there. card, card, card.

And I recognize this morning that kicking the shit out of my ignorant friends would be unseemly; so I will let my daughter do that for me. She should be arriving as soon as she gets a break in the action. Do NOT let them up, Peed.

jb3ll3 said...

btw Peedy, I thought Rooney was back ? I couldn't see him on the bench this morning--is he there, but just not playing?

PDXPup said...

Okay, a few things for your people to know: If we changed the way the game is scored so that each goal is worth 7 points...THEN, yesterday's Germany v Costa Rica match would have been a thrilling 28-14 score, rather than the equally thrilling 4-2 result. Face it, if you knew the potential score would be in the 20s or 30s, you would watch, but because we call a goal a goal, it's "low-scoring" and "not entertaining."
That's fine if you don't like the world's sport; keep supporting football and basketball, where they're really a coach's game and how they structure, manage and set up plays for the players on the field/floor; rather than a player's game, where they are prepared by the coach in the days leading up to the match, and then on the day they have 90 minutes to play beautifly and brilliantly. I suppose, at least in the American sports, the teams and coaches are afforded every opportunity to win games with multiple timeouts and free substition which allow the game to drag on and on; rather than soccer, where it's up to the 11 players on the field to enact change and if they don't get it done in the 90 minutes, then they don't get it done.
I suppose it is hard for people who watch a great deal of American sport, to support soccer; American sports are very structured and rigid, because we want everyhing to be fair, to be equal, and heaven forbid if one team has clearly better players-we better make sure the other team has an equal opportunity to score: in Football, Baseball and Basketball, it's always Tit for get a turn to score, then I get a turn to score. You get a turn to score, then I get a turn to score. I would guess that most Americans who don't enjoy watching soccer, don't like it because of the chaos and overall parity of the game, and because it can change in an instant, and despite having superior players the best team doesn't necessarily win and it really does come down to who's more passionate and wants "it" more.
In football, baseball, and basketball certain teams are SUPPOSED to win, whereas in soccer having the best players doesn't necessarily mean you'll win, and that's what I think is frustrating for American soccer-haters--the being better and still not winning aspect of it.
So take your basketball, where the current "World Championship" structure gives teams multiple chances to win (Best of 7, rather than a one-off) or make a "comeback"; take your baseball where the Americans couldn't even win in their own version (albeit a sucky one) of the World Cup; and take your own American football, where some of the arguably best athletes in the country play, but have to be subbed out every other play because they get too tired to compete.

Me? I'll be watching soccer, where Trinidad and Tobago, one of the smallest countries every to qualify for the Finals, in their first World Cup game ever, can tie world power Sweden, allowing no goals and playing (because one of their players committed a hard foul a few too many times) half the match with only 10 men against 11. (which, incidently, we could never do in America-punish a team by removing a player from the field for excessive fouling, because waaaaaaah! It just isn't FAIR...we should be able to foul as much as we like!)

PDXPup said...

btw Peedy, I thought Rooney was back ? I couldn't see him on the bench this morning--is he there, but just not playing?

2:31 PM

He was there and available as a sub; they showed him a few times. But he didn't play because they really didn't need him--they want to give him the max time to recover, and make sure he doesn't rush back and get injured. When he does get his first minutes, it will probably be as a substitute. Might see him against Sweden, but probably not against T&T, unless they really need a shot in the arm to get 'em going.

jb3ll3 said...


<----thas mah dautter!!

vendella von messershmitt said...

Yeeeessss...and she sounds brilliant, like her Mom, of course, but "Peed"? What kind of nickname is that for someone? I hate it when someone says, "I have to pee." Complete turn-off. I wonder what trailer or Baltimore neighborhood they were hatched in and raised.

I'm going to assume, because I am not afflicted with ADD but do happen to have a modicum of intelligence and testicles as much as any well-balanced and adjusted healthy female, you DO NOT refer to your offspring in a scatological idiom and there MUST be some other explanation for the "Peed"-ness.


BTW, whereabouts is her royal P-ness, if I may ask so boldly?

Anonymous said...

PDX, reading your post is like watching soccer. It just so darn long before anything interesting happens.

jb3ll3 said...

Vendella, My daughter is a highly talented and accomplished individual. In her 2 year old play group, of which she was the very youngest 2, she was the first one to potty train. The mother who had the oldest 2 and who was highly frustrated, had a party for playday, with cupcakes and decorations, etc and crowned my talented accomplished daughter The Peedy Queen. And this, of course, was the nickname that stuck. Peedy. PD Peed Peedy Pupperelli Pup PDX Pup I'm sure you get the picture. As she got into junior high and high school, everyone naturally leaned into calling her by her nickname, which she steadfastly did not allow. There are a half dozen people in this world who call her Peedy and about 500 who want to. She's a pipper. (laughing) so talented and accomplished to potty train first....we're all very proud of her. ;)okay Peed, you're up. Give her your version.

jb3ll3 said...

Peed! did you see that! they talk the smack but don't sign their name!

*laughing like crazy*

jb3ll3 said...

Vendella, my daughter has had quite an interesting spring at work. She has experienced some marked discrimination in the workplace--directed at her. Age discrimination by, get this,older women. Yesterday, some woman gave her a little lecture, putting her finger in Peed's face, saying, you have no idea what women have had to face in business and what we have had to endure in the last 25 years. Oddly, it's the men who respect her and actually defer to her, knowing her background and education but the women go after her and pursue attempting to put her in a place, young, educated, experienced whipper Peedy that she is....

vendella von messershmitt said...

Well, that *is* a most, how should I say it, unusual term of endearment. I do believe I'd have to sit that one out. Yes, I would.

I am known to three-quarters of my brothers' friends (and I have three younger sibs so we're talking A LOT OF GUYS) by a childhood nickname and it drives my Mom insane. I'll run into guys at the store or at events and they'll introduce me to their wives and children and friends as "Stell" because, well, that's what they think is my real name. If my Mom is within earshot, this is what the assembled will hear:

"Her name is Wendy, not Stell. I did not name her Stell, that is her brother's doing. Please call her Wendy."

Whaddya gonna do?
Personally, I am not offended. After thirty plus years of hearing it, it has seeped in and taken on a life of its own. I find it interesting that others think of me wearing a costume that is not mine but, hey, how much does that happen in life, I mean really.

Enough rambling.
One day you'll give me a brief family bio so I can catch up a bit. Until then, I'll remain shrouded in darkness and have to ask a skedillioncrudzillion questions to soothe my ever curious jones. That might get old, lol.

G'night, Schmeebs, my friend and whatever-your-real-name-is-daughter-until-I-find-or-create-a-nickname-I-can-stand-to-utter.


green libertarian said...

Damn, my little comment, for which I was BAITED to post, has raised a firestorm! It's like I poked a stick at a beehive or something. I love it!

"PDX, reading your post is like watching soccer. It just so darn long before anything interesting happens."


Ummm, that play group woman who threw the big party for the first of the group's kids to be potty trained.... uhh, she had wayyyy to much time on her hands.

As to to the female on female gender discrimination, this is nothing new, I've read/heard about it for years. Seems the older "broads" who made it, don't like the idea, at all, of the new up and comer females, "having it easy". You'd think they'd be mentor-like, but NOOOOOOOO. It's like hazing or something, and really quite stupid, and far too prevalent.

PDXPup said...

Anonymous, gee it's good of you to stop by my mom's blog and comment. Yes, my post is as long as the game of soccer...if you struggled to make it through the post with your wee little attention span, then that is my first sign that you can't really hang out with us because you don't have the patience to watch a soccer game.

jb3ll3 said...

GLib, I hope PD comes by tonight so she can recap what she had the distinct pleasure of detailing for this woman. Another area she experiences age discrimination is in coaching by ... you guessed it, the mothers. When they do not like coaching decisions, they take her aside and give her performance reviews or a personal assessment. She listens for a few rounds, then interrupts these women, looks them right in the eye and says, I'm positive you wouldn't be talking to me like this if you were my age and I was your age.

The other mothers make her scrapbook s and cookies and bring her presents and send her cards. It takes all kinds but by and large, the people in the workplace who are the hardest and most ungenerous to her are women. That fascinates her and me.

PDXPup said...


this nickname and its indoctrination in my family is actually quite helpful to me: it's the only way I know I'm in trouble--when someone in my family calls me by my given name and not Peedy/Peed/Pup, I immediately run through the past several days in my head trying to figure out where I might have messed up. hahaha. When I was younger, I just knew that the people I was closest to called me PD, so when other people tried to do that, it was like a stranger offering me candy or something...I'd just turn and run the other way screaming.

BX_boy said...

Lions? Pshh. It's all about the Germans!! Some say they're past their prime, but they will be victorious on home soil. Anyone watch Euro 2004?

PDXPup said...

Euro 2004? When Greece upset the hosts Portugal? That Euro 2004? Was there a point about home-country advantage somewhere in there? Hehehe. It's all about the lads from Eng-er-land...