Monday, April 03, 2006

I am in quite a fix.

There is a another person in my life that is bringing me ever closer to my own Jerusalem, despite my best protestations, sturdy stubbornness, haughty righteousness. A miscommunication occurred, exists; this particular person wounded me deeply. The person claims it was I would threw the first stone and that the wound was inflicted in self-defense. I have turned my back on this person and on reconciliation, several times, because I*am*right. I mean, who needs the pain that comes with vulnerability and giving yourself up to a certain situation or person? I have so enjoyed being wounded at this person's hand and recounting the injustice served upon my fair head. But now, the time is at hand....

So less than two week of Lent remain; I have to fish or cut bait. I not only must have the Will to walk in the light, but the Grace to accept the light that falls on my path. I need humility, I need humility, I need humility.

The 'Kan EWA