Sunday, January 08, 2006

It's pretty quiet around Club Chow today. In fact, I think there's moping going on. Uncle Jonny got on the 6 am flight to Noo York Citty and the Chows seem to be having a bit of a reaction. I asked Do' if she was all right today and she said that noone laughs harder at her jokes than Uncle Jonny. She says she's too sad to take a nap. Sylvie says that Uncle Jonny has more friends than anyone she knows and she likes to get in on his action. Whatever that means. That Sylvie loves to dance. Cle says The Godfather Film Festival was another smash hit this year due in no small part to Uncle Jonny's participation. Cleo says that living in the shadows of others and trying to prove one's self and feel accepted is a tall order and watching The Godfather every year helps him sort his problems out. At that point, Peet promised to kick Cle's ass if he didn't shut up and so things pretty much moved into a normal rhythm. Uncle Jonny may be gone for a time, but he'll be back and when he comes, the Chows will have their best action--movies, fun, friends, balls and yes, jokes--all ready.

The 'Kan EWA


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jb3ll3 said...

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I see it is still Christmas with the Christ Child!

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Corn -- I have already sent Herb a proposal over on his site.