Friday, January 06, 2006

The Chows are in an absolute dither, trying to get everything all taken care of for the Chinese New Year. If all that sweeping weren't enough, the turkeys turn up again and the Chows have to put their brooms down and bark at the turkeys. They came earlier this fall, big, fat, slow and duuuumb, looking for something to eat. I thought my eyes were deceiving me but it turns out that these wild turkeys are some kind of a project of the Fish and Game Dept here in EWA and as turkeys will do, these decided to leave the range and come to town.

The Chows were just beside themselves and repeatedly extended an invitation to the turkeys to step inside Club Chow here at Bellemaison. Those turkeys may be dumb, but stupid they ain't. Anyway, the turkeys come and go and it's mightily vexing to the Chows to have these visitors who do not have proper clearance. Do' is worried about the food (the Chow chow), as she says if the sparrows will eat it, (they do) the turkeys probably will too. Sylvie says those turkeys need to get a move on and waddle faster if they are going to make it back to the Palouse in time for the New Year and Cle says he just needs two seconds with them, only two. Peet says the first thing they have to do is call him Sir and then he'll find out from Sylvie what to do next. Uncle Bob says that the hustle and bustle of the holidays really has cut into his nap time.

The best part about the holidays besides the food, is the traditions that you keep and the company that you get. All such unexpected gifts. And too soon, these gifts of The Magi are opened and evaporate, Little Christmas melts into January gloom and the new year marches resolutely on right before your eyes, ready or not.

A nap, indeed: those, too, are words of the very wise.

The 'Kan EWA


stebbijo said...

Keep feeding those turkeys and they will come back! Then when nobody is looking you can pop one and throw it in the freezer for next year's Thanksgiving! Hell, pop two of them and throw one in my freezer! That would be a real home cooked meal!

Patches & Mittens said...

Lovely pictures on your blog! I love nature photos and your's are super!

Bre said...

Jbelle, I've been summond by the big man to print out the pictures of your trip for him, but our color printer is on strike. He said not to rush, he can get them next week. I couldn't imagine not being able to manuever around the internet, I'd be lost!

jb3ll3 said...

I can't imagine not being online; you can get in your plane and fly to LA for dinner, but not access an online journal; crazy??

Julie said...

Oh, Jahn, now I know where my turkeys went. I haven't seen my turkeys for about a year now. They used to walk around the back yard and down the middle of the street here.

jb3ll3 said...

Julie, they are here! They are driving the Chows nuts. I haven't been over to your new blog but will revisit the way to get there today. I was a little anxious when I went to AOL yesterday and realized you probably weren't there. I had the email directions still so I felt better. Change! arrgh!