Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Heard from my friend Jenny Rose today. She's moving in on the Powers That Be to get herself into nursing school. Chows were particularly excited about this as they know she will be a compassionate, principled health care professional. They prefer to handle most of the thorny issues in their life by sleeping on them as they believe a nap is good for everything but on this matter, the Chows dug up a copy of the Prayer to St. Anthony, who is the patron saint of the poor, and want to dedicate it to The Jen, their kind friend with the sweet touch. They say they are fixed financially, but sometimes they are in need as great as any street dog.

The Chow Nation's Prayer to St. Anthony

O Saint Anthony, Saint of Miracles, Saint of Help. We also have need of your assistance; we have need of this special favor: our friend Jennifer wants to work with really sick kids, healing them, consoling them, helping them. She has been a good friend of ours and speaks for the little ones who have no voice.
Therefore, console us in our present necessity and grant us the help that, with full confidence, we hope for. You won't be sorry, St. Anthony.
We, The Chow Nation, will help you with a miracle for someone else.
~for Jennifer
The 'Kan EWA


Seva Alieva said...
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stebbijo said...

Good for her! It is a noble profession.

I was very very close to becoming a nurse once. Very close! I will always be one at heart - but the call of the blog was stronger!

jb3ll3 said...

It's very, very hard to get into nursing school these days and with the shortage of nurses, it's all really puzzling to me. I have my fingers and toes doubled crossed. *squeezing hard*

lfa tai chi blog said...
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Askinstoo said...
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stebbijo said...


Anyone who really wants to be nurse can be one just depending on what program they are looking at. While it appears to be a shortage, some places are still about the money.

If it is as competitive and selective like in North Idaho -- you may be struggling for a long time to get the 'in.'

However, if you have the money the door is open to LPN programs in other states that get your front feet on the mat. Many of these programs are covered by financial aide.

My program was a vocational deal with the hospital that worked my credits into an automatic RN program. However, I had to leave. I have no where to transfer my credits in Idaho without starting from scratch at their level. I was so close -- even with the amount of clinicals I did have and my past training I know I could pass those boards! But you have to have the certificate from the program to qualify to take the exam.

I know some women who have had YEARS of big city paramedic training and still have to go back to take English to be a nurse. They can hang a drip faster than some doctors can order it and read an EKG in the field without any uncertainty. Go figure.

jb3ll3 said...

hey Stebbijo, I am forwarding your note to Jennifer. I think it's very helpful. I can't believe you were that close!!! It sounds like a great program that you were in--combining the practical experience with the classroom as you went. Seems like there could be a something where you could "challenge" the class in order to get the certificate soas to take the big test. ah, me. It's all pretty tricky. Thanks for the note, I really appreciate it.

stebbijo said...

It is absolutely ridiculous. The shortage is pathetic and yet there will never be enough of us because it is always about the money! You have to pay 'out of pocket' just to take the test -- nothing is free.

Nurses from miliary programs do not even transfer easily into civilian programs.

It is tough and I mean really tough. I had no idea, that at $8.50 an hour I would be giving verbal IM orders of morphine to nurses, lableling specimens thrown in front of me, and ordering spinal tap tests, blood, AND giving verbal orders to nurses who did not have time to look at a chart. I was the secretary then. That was not good, because I was catching doctors that were mixing up their patients.

At $10.00 an hour I was taking the head of the bed and calling my own codes as a nurse tech, because some nurses don't even know how to open a crash cart and get the ambu bag out.

I am tired, I am done with all the hypocritical B.S. and the hierarchy of crap that doesn't even get it themselves. For $7.00 an hour and more, I can sit on a conveyor belt and not worry about all the mismanagement of staff without enough time to clean the crap off of a toilet seat in a double room, let alone have the time to get somebody to eat a cup of ice cream.

I may not be Martha Stewart -- that's a given, and I sure as hell am not Florence Nightengale! God, wanted me to be a blogger!

jb3ll3 said...

God was right on about that blogger deal too! :) The health care industry, system wide, is in serious disarray. xxoo thanks for the talk.