Tuesday, October 11, 2005

As Jimmy Buffet said about tattoos, "Hell yes, it hurts!" The Portland Marathon is now in the books and those ugly rumors about me wanting to quit FOUR blocks before the finish line are completely scandalous. Also the ones about me yelling to the belly dancers, "Shake it girls! I didn't come all the way up here to have to wave your veil at me!" Yeah and then there's the one about me yelling my blood pressure to the resident standing outside the hospital, followed by a "You know it, Mister!". And when we were smoking by other women my age on our way to the finish line by saying, "That's my daughter ahead of me; she's University of Portland All American." I had just hoped to get out of town before this information became public.

So many people have said, "JBelle! JBelle! yer old as dirt! yer huge! ya have no sense! how did YOU finish the Portland Marathon???" Well, folks, I'll tell ya, it's simple.

With hard work and your guardian angel, dreams do come true. And yes, I did cry at the finish line.

~for God's special angel, Peedy McCarthy

The Kan 'EWA


stebbijo said...

OMG! Did you really do that? I am so envious. Congrats! Big Time!

jb3ll3 said...

I really did it. I have the t-shirt, the medal and the two lost toe nails to prove it, too.

jb3ll3 said...

oh and by the way, that bp is 105/58.

Bre said...

Congrats Jbelle, what was the medal for? What place did you take is what I mean, I know what medals are for.

jb3ll3 said...

Bre, A mararthon tradition is that every finisher gets a medal. I was looking at the P.F. Chang booth at the trade fair and they sponsor a Rock and Roll Series of marathons all around the country, featuring a rock and roll band every mile of each race. The medals for each individual marathon are really, really cool! Real cutting edge, hip. The Portland medal is gorgeous, burnished brass, commemorating Lewis and Clark Bicentennial. I was quite surprised at how beautiful they are and the whole L & C thing for this year. Lewis and Clark fascinates me! I gave my medal to my daughter for her enormous support and unconditional love. Even in my potassium and essential minerals deprived state, she didn't give up on me but just said, Let's go. We're not done yet.

Bre said...

That's awesome, and congrats again, it's quit an accomplishment.

stebbijo said...

A BP of 105/58? Now I am really envious!

I used to run many years ago -- I was at one time hooked on two miles a day and 6 miles a day for each week end day. My good friend finally wore her knees out -- she left me in the wind. She ran a marathon -- it was from Clark Fork, Idaho to Sandpoint, Idaho. She did it by herself. Phenomenal woman. She was one of the first to run in the Spokane Bloomsday competition -- had she known how to place herself she may have placed but was in the top 100.

I applaud you big time!

Julie said...

Hey, Jahn, way to go! I's proud! I never could run and won't now for sure. I've alway had a serious liking for hiking.