Saturday, October 17, 2009

That's Medea. Holding up one of the pillars in the Basillica Cistern. It's only one of a million faces that I've seen in the few days and one of a hundred million faces that have passed through this part of the earth throughout time. Only the most famous names of history have come through here, their ambition hard at work and their thirst for greater conquest and curiosity over the exquotic compelling them to come to Antioch.

It's hot; pungent; and the people play by a set of rules curious in their contradictions. St. Paul set about on a journey that would become the defining moment of one of the most remarkable careers in all of history here in Antioch. We walked a half mile though the debris of a rock slide that sent an entire community tumbling down the side of a mountain to an elaborate burial complex, carved into the rock, extraordinary in its design and exquisite in its decorative motifs. It was built sometime after 1 AD but before 5 AD. What kind of tools existed in 1 AD that would allow you to build a small funerary city in the side of a rock mountain?

The children frolic with abandon, their strong wills clearly at play and their lust plainly showing, even at young ages. Last night there was a wedding in the hotel and as we peeked in the doorway, we were scooped into the joyous melee of the happy event, dancing wildly in the middle of the dance floor in an IDAHO t shirt with people who loved and embraced us and would never see us again. Many, many children, along with old men, danced as well and spared no effort in their celebration of the moment.

You get the feeling that because everyone is just passing through, they all have decided to take the night off, kick back and explore the opportunities present. Some may even stay awhile.

The 'Kan EWA


inlandempiregirl said...

The whole thing sounds enchanting. I have loved the pictures on FB also.

MarmiteToasty said...

Wonderful....... how many of you are in your travel group?

you know if I had not been still a crimple and of course if I could of afforded it, I would be there with you in person and not just in spirit......