Saturday, June 13, 2009

I know a guy who is a beermaker--makes beer on the weekend and at night and from all published reports, does a pretty good job of it. This week he was looking for a few handfuls of huckleberries, I guess, for his next batch of brew. HBO then asked the question, What Would You Trade for a Six-Pack of Home Brewed Beer?

I responded immediately that I would trade an enormous bouquet of summer perennials from Bellemaison, featuring roses of course. I could make him up a really nice one today, with white peonies, coppery orange yellow roses, some late deep pink lilacs, fresh, tender ferns, blooming catnip and some nice single petal red roses. Altissimo, for those in the know.

But it got me to thinking about what do I have or do here that I could trade, if I wanted to? There are, I would say, about 20 Hermes scarves that I don't want or wear. There are some exquisite French hand-colored botanicals from the 40s. I've got some yucca, Joe Pye Weed, and hostis in my inventory of excess capacity. I have got 20 very large terra cotta pots. I've got several digital cameras that I don't use at all any more. I have one very excellent Mel McCuddin t shirt that I would trade for something really worthwhile. Something that would be as cool to have as this Mel t-shirt. I have a very, very fine Robin Dare print that I have never made friends with--sure wish I could find it a happy home. It hangs in storage at the moment, as it has for 10 years. I have vintage cookbooks that I'd trade for other vintage cookbooks. I have dishes that I would happy trade for another set of dishes. I think, last time I inventoried the dishes, I was up to 13 sets of dishes. But only one set I'd trade. I need the rest.

I could trade a first rate apple pie; a batch of flank steak second to none; potato, macaroni and fruit salads fit for a Goddess; cole slaw that will make you weep in ecstasy; corn on the cob that will have you growl, rumble and roar for more; chocolate cake and cinnamon ice cream that will have you stand up and howl, then scratch and bark. Huckleberry pancakes. I have other prowess in the kitchen, too. We could talk.

And I have Chow hair that I just took off four chows. It's wintry, thick, fleecy hair and perfect for planting the spring garden because the smell wards off would be interlopers who believe, correctly, that the Chows are very near. Just where ya going find stuff like that?

What do you have to trade?

The 'Kan EWA


MarmiteToasty said...

I have no antique prints or numerous digital cameras, nor to I have one hermes scarf to trade.... all I have is my heart and soul... I know, I know, worthless right?


MarmiteToasty said...

to = do

Carla said...

Fabulous! I'm going to go through my closet tomorrow. I'm sure I have lots that I could trade.

JBelle said...

oh I am so on a roll. I am shovel pruning some patented roses that don't fit in the garden any more and usually I beg one of my friends to take them. Not today. I am pruning them way back, dousing them with B, waiting for their comeback and then...I will trade them. Or put them in the garage sale in two weeks.

Bent said...

Ha! Jbelle, I can bring you a sampler. You just name the time and place...

inlandempiregirl said...

I love that we both have vintage cookbooks... but I can't give mine up. The big pots sound interesting and I could trade for scented geranium starts when they get going better. I'll have to go do inventory. All your photos you continue to post are just fabulous.