Thursday, May 14, 2009

Soooooooo. As it turns out, seems that my big son Ben and The Fool apparently know me pretty good because when I do get the tattoo, it will not be on my wrist or my ankle or anywhere you can see it. But that's all I'm saying. If you want further details, you'll have to talk to them. 'Cause I'm not telling.

Back to the sky diving, yes, you go tandem tethered to a highly competent instructor. Highly competent. Mine was funny and fun and a gave me a big hug when I went to shake his hand at the end. Story of my life, I'm telling you. And I do hope Zoe comes over and debriefs me thoroughly. Now that it's way over, I am ready to talk all about it.

Melody, I have been on seven hot air balloon rides. Loved everyone of them. One I loved the best was Turkey; Cappadocia. But that's a no brainer. But they make Zen gardens in the fallow fields; can you imagine? And yes, skydiving was a Mother's Day present from my big son. Know why he's my big son? Because he's s 6'4". And you thought I meant big like phat. By the way, he will tell you he's big and phat, but do not believe him. I am the authority on that. And I, am not talking.

As for the pictures of these tats, I think that's what you are talking about, tattoos, you can show me yours but I ... will not show you mine. Mel, I think the musical note is a lovely idea. Peed, you better believe I did it. And Carla, yes. There are so many things in life that everyone, everyone, should do at least once.

Like be a Motorcycle Mama.

The 'Kan EWA


toadman said...

The sexiest tattoo I ever saw was a study in contradictions, actually. It was an Ichthus with the word JESUS embedded in'd right above a girls butt crack. It's not really the kind of thing you want to be reminded of when you're back there looking at know?

MarmiteToasty said...

:) just cos mine are on me ankles dont mean anyone ever sees them lol... and I aint told no one about the other one I have LOL and no its not a little stickman pushing a lawnmower just about me pube line :)

Oh, I KNEW what you meant when you said 'big son' cos I also have a 6'4" one :)

One day I will get to go up in that hotair balloon, have been promised twice, but both promises turned out to be bollocks like everything else about the people that promised LOL

I had a little motorbike which I rode right up to the morning my first child was born LOL it was such a funny sight :)


green libertarian said...

Damn Biker chick theme sucked me in... damn you trickster. Vixen.

I jumped an unknown but not many years ago, for my 30th Bday. One of the most thrilling and fun days of my life. You jumped in Cali, right, so did I. The desert. You? Wherezabouts?

It was a tandem, like you, it was just me, the instructor monkey on the back, the pilot, and the chute pull handles.

I very much enjoyed swimming in the soft (you're right) wind. It's rather loud though, earplugs are a good idea.

The prep for flight was very much like this one, from one of my very favorite movies, and Kevin Costner's first. We went to high school together. No, I never met him among the 1800 richie rich student body. But he was there.

Watch this. Hilarious movie. Just a cut of such.

I don't play the lotto or gamble otherwise except a rare friendly game of cards. But if I did, and won the lottery tomorrow, after I lawyered up, first thing I'd do is book another jump, parachute, I mean. What a luscious wonderful treat for oneself. Great exercise for the heart. (thump-thump)

I was tempted to jump on my 40th Bday, out of Mead, was gonna try and land in the park adjacent to my property, if I could manage it, but bailed on that, and thought the more family thing to do was for me to parasail above Lake Pend Oreille, where we'd camped many times. Also wonderful, but not like jumping out of an airplane, perfectly functioning as the line goes.

But, I'd like to bungee jump next. That canyon bridge near Victoria. Right off the Ferry. Perfect.

I don't do tatoos, but whatever, if someone does, no big deal. Some are really tasteful and awesome. Had a GF once with a tattoo, generally concealed except maybe wearing a very low cut bikini top. Nice.


JBelle said...

Lorrrrrd Have Mercy!

It's The Green Libertarian. How are we tonight, Sir? Wish I could offer you the Biker Chick of your choice, but unfortunately, this just ain't that kinda place. I can offer you my particular details of my weekend, which go something like this:

I jumped over San Francisco Bay. cool, right?

I was ready to have the noise really bother me, because besides heights, one thing that terrifies me is strong wind. So I had a good set of ear plugs and they must have worked like a charm because the noise didn't frighten or hold me back in any manner.

And as for Kevin Costner, I've been to his place in Aspen, but never met him either. It's gotta be overrated is what I'm thinking. Meeting him, not his place. His place is gore-geous.

Oh hell, if I won the lottery, I'd never pay another legal bill ever. ;) I'd make 'em pay me. Just to leave me voice mail messages. But anyway, we don't need to win the lottery; maybe Obama will come up with some cash for us so we can all jump together, think?

You have parasailed??? HOW WAS IT?! I deeply want to parasail over Lake Coeur d'Alene on my birthday. Not too many people know when that ceremonious event takes place and it strikes that you just might somehow have cached that information, so ip-zay the ips-lay on the at-day and maybe, just maybe I'll meet you at the Resort and show you how it's done, Little Brother. Had no idea you had this expertise. I have a new view of you.

I WANT TO BUNGEE. Victoria's perfect. Don't know the bridge but I can find it. I have GPS. Tell me when and I'll be there. Cannot wait! Will not wait.

Finally, what's your read? you think JBelle's gonna get a tattoo? lotta talk about it but I am just not feeling the love at the moment. Not feeling it. We'll see. Ben's rarely wrong and tomorrow's another day.

green libertarian said...

Toad, a Jesus tramp stamp? Oh my. Lordy, yes, good word.

SF Bay area, huh? Cool indeed. Awesome. I have flown around it many times when my brother was stationed in Monterrey and he was a private pilot. And over to Yosemite, and down the Big Sur coast. Beautiful country. Have also flown in a Lear Jet all around Lake Tahoe and surrounds, and then down and out to Catalina Island. That's a long story.

The Bungee jumping is in Nanaimo, BC, glorious rainforest canyon. Those idiots who would jump over parking lots via cranes, here in town? Frikin' losers.

Parasailing was fun. Do Pend Orielle, not CdA. Pay the extra $20 for them to let the rope all the way out.

Still, the ultimate jump, in some ways, is the cliff jump. You didn't pay, you're not committed. You decided to climb all the way up there. You could scramble back down, barely, if you had to. But you jump into Lake Roosevelt anyway.

Well li'l lady, I reckon a gentleman ought not speculate on what a free and enlightened woman may want in regards to tattoo you, or not. That's just plain ol' manners.

JBelle said...

All right, a few things:

no.way.ever. no cliff jumping. I couldn't do it off Tubbs Hills when I was a little kid and I don't think I could ever do it now, not even in Greece. Which, really, isn't where it should be done? oh, grow up. You HAD to have seen Mama Mia. Tha Movie. what! it had MERYL STREEEEEP in it. anyways, no damn cliff jumping for this chicken.

Pend Oreille: really! I have no cosmic connection with Pend Oreille, though. You sure that doesn't matter? You better believe I'll pay an extra twenty for allll the rope. I want all the rope.

Nanaimo BC. Of course. Meet ya there. heh. I can't wait. BTW, do you have any insight at all into why someone would bungee jump over a parking lot? climb up a crane? at all? any? hint? yeah. me neither.

Doggies. Jumping into Lake Roosevelt would be really, really fun.

wouldn't it?

green libertarian said...

"Mama Mia" is that the same as "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? Haven't seen either. Tho Greek Wedding was playing on a widebody jet I was on one time. Maybe on the way to Hawaii, I dunno, I NEEDED sleep anyway.

So you wimped out on jumping off Tubb's Hill. Coward.

JBelle said...

Dude! I was a little girl. Running around with a bunch of rowdy, naughty boys. Story*of*my*Life!