Saturday, January 10, 2009

well. got all the furniture id'd and pulled from storage. we dismantle the upstairs bedroom today and put it in the truck. Got a big yellow Penske. Went to Costco and bought groceries. Some habits die so darn hard. Point being, for those of you in the dark, what major effort is major without laying in groceries and supplies? Laundry detergent, fabric softener, stain remover? check. 3 gallons worth. Swifter floor, surface, light fixture hardware and software? Check. Clorox, Kirkland antiseptic wipes, 3 kinds, Windex, rags? check. check.check.check. Light bulbs, toilet paper, hand soap. Roger that.

Diet Coke, red licorice, Walker's shortbread. check. Dried cherries, blueberries, dry roasted almonds. check. iPod, HP, camera, cellphone, hard copy Contacts. check. cordsandcordsandcordsandcords. check. Spitzer's new book; Obama's biography. check. Gums. Lots and lots of gums. check. nalgenes. check. coffee, tea, cocoa, thermos for each. check.

the artwork. the CDs and books. the golf clubs. check. the casseroles, bread pans, french press coffee pot and grinder, and crock pot. check. the Foreman. check. rags. already got those. here's more. check.

Tripe A books from here to New York. check. Corresponding maps. check. Truck rental papers. check. truncated tool box. check. RAGS. check. bungee cords. gloves. boots. check check check. cash. check. one way return airline tickets. check.

Quartermaster passed me on my inspection. Countdown starting.

The 'Kan EWA


inlandempiregirl said...

If I help you organize your studio would you be my personal shopper at Costco? You've got it down to a system. Holy Cow!

JBelle said...

hahaha! 10 minutes or 500 bucks; whichever comes first!

PDX Pup said...

YES BUT DOES THE FOOD BASKET HAVE A JAR HONEY IN IT?!? This is a key and vital element to any road trip, for where would you be if you are not able to mop up a spilled jar of honey at least twice from here to Sugar Hill?

JBelle said...

oh, crickey. There are so many things about my mother I just do not miss. Just don't miss 'em. And I am deeply glad I had a witness, an impartial witness to tell my story, the pain and suffering that was my mother. And The Food Basket is an excellent, vital point of any road trip. I will detail that this morning. Well done, Pup; well done!