Monday, January 12, 2009

The Penske ticked off 726 miles today; she continues to be my new BFF. Got up in the dark and headed out when the sun was just coming up into The Big Sky. Then drove three hours in uber icy conditions in a silver gray world; the ice on I-90 gleamed like good silver polished up for a wedding. Exquisitely beautiful; exquisitely dangerous.

Finally the monochromatic world of Wyoming gave way to sunny blue skies and drilling rigs of South Dakota and in another thrilling encounter, The Faces popped up through the pine trees. I am positive that Mount Rushmore is my very favorite American monument.

The sun fell quickly and just as quickly the moon rose. We rode along for hours in the moonlight, watching the winter night in silence. Pulled into the Holiday Inn Express by Cabela's at 11:15 pm to find the lock on the back door of The Penske frozen shut. These are the things you just can't plan for.


On Assignment

Mitchell, North Dakota


inlandempiregirl said...

This is uncanny. A student today in class just read an article about Mount Rushmore and was saying she wanted to see it and figured it was hard to make. I told her I knew somebody that may be driving by soon. Tomorrow I can tell her I was right. I would love to see Mount Rushmore.

Lindsey said...

Where on this good earth are you going???