Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spent one of those sublime weekends in Seattle. Walked along the rocky shore of Alki Point, wandered the sidewalks in the sun, sipped mojitos up off the Ave.

Talked to the finest guys.

Stumbled upon a Hindu wedding.

Paused to say a prayer at the altar.

Loved seeing people out with their kids.

Annnnd in an amazing moment, walked right into the middle of The Fire Festival in Pioneer Square.

On Location
Seattle, Washington


Carla said...

Awesome. I've always loved Seattle and your pictures only confirm it.

Julie said...

Seattle is lovely. I'm trying to talk Husband into a vacation there sometime.

What did that Newf have to say?

JBelle said...

julie, The Newfie was just adorable! All 175 pounds of him. He was my friend instantly and that wasn't a good thing because he wouldn't sit still and caused quite a stir in the cafe when he would get up and wag his tail, and dance around to be scratched. Finally, he would just lay on the floor and wag his tail at me and look long at me, with those eyes. He was soooo cute.

Julie said...

Jbelle, My Captain was 175 lbs too. They are just big wonderful dogs! We never had Captain fenced in. I tried to tie him to wooden outside steps once (they were the steps that were attached to the house at the patio doors), but he actually pulled them down and broke the chain when Husband got home from work. It's a good thing they don't seem to know how strong they are. After that we property trained him the old fashioned way and he did pretty good except when it snowed. Then the property lines were hidden and he'd go visit the neighbors.

You've really got to respect them, however. Captain was a lot of fun and very pleasant to be around, but if he got the slightest indication that something was amiss, you couldn't get past him either. More than once he blocked a stranger from getting to close to the neighborhood children and wouldn't release the person until someone he knew came up and accepted the stranger. He never growled or threatened, just blocked the path with his body.

He was my buddy; my pal.

Happy Lists said...

Nothing like a fun and beautiful vacation to provide inspiration.