Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Provence Parties

Day 2

Well. Joe Montana pulled it off. He found Herbes de Provence at ... Safeway. I popped open the lid to finish up the tapenade and got a huge whiff of lavender, rosemary and tarragon. Brought back all those sunny days of exploring winding, crooked streets; the hills, the caves, the bulls, the horses; the vivid colors; and the smell of fresh food expertly prepared in a simple fashion. Oh, that Provence.

Our menu worked well for us and was a huge hit with our guests. We used place mats and plates for last night's run but anticipate we'll use the tablecloths tomorrow as we have a crowd coming. The Chows wonder if we can't rig up a table on sawhorses on the front porch and cover it with one of our new splendid Provencal tablecloths and fill the table with dishes, glasses and flowers. They think we can drag the chairs from around the house and garden to complete the table and then light a few candles. I think we'll put them along the window sills of the house. Could turn out just right. We gotta do our pork with cherries justice. We made the new grocery list and will peruse the garden for newly blooming roses. I like to have people over in batches and then put everything away and get back to digging in the dirt and reading. That's a life. Still no pictures. Just can't get any ones I like. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

The 'Kan EWA


MarmiteToasty said...

Hiding in the bushes of your garden and just taking it all in, watching you with your friends and smiling.....


Carla said...

It sounds lovely just the same, even without the photos. I love Herbes de Provence. It simply makes everything taste good.

Julie said...

I wouldn't worry about the photo to much. Not all photos can be good enough to share. Besides, it sounds like you've been busy and enjoying entertaining.

I've been doing a lot more entertaining this year than other years and it is much more fun than pulling weeds.

Inland Empire Girl said...

It just sounds like a perfect summer gathering. It is amazing what you can find at Safeway!! You have done it right.... simple, great tasting food. How can you miss with G and Ts to start the evening!! I love the picture atop your blog.