Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I bet I didn't mention Las Vegas. That's okay, I guess, as LV is almost timeless these days. Where else can you go for a super-hit of fun, elegance and beauty, with now, surprise!, great restaurants? LV. Who knew?

We went for a long weekend in February and ran up and down the strip, squandering money at the roulette wheel, the pai gow tables and the Hermes and Chanel stores. It's a fabulous weekend! The people from Southern California tear around, all greased and cinched up, and make a terrific spectacle for the international tourists, who at this time, are about 50 per cent of the take in LV. Gotta love that puny dollar. Restaurants are the single biggest trend of the new millennium in new LV. In the old millennium, LV food was second to none in it malevolence. It's a new day and a new deal and you can now go to LV on restaurant treks. There are that many and they are that good. Bouchon delivers everything it promises. Emeril's for Cajun food was weak but it does remain a lovely restaurant, steeped in immaculate restaurant technique of impeccable service and flawless food. Just no heart and soul. Maybe true to form for an LV Emeril's? The Palmat the Forum Shops is fabulous for steak. They do meat and all that meat needs with a touch that is sumptuous and soothing. Best all time steakhouse. And finally, Italian at Bertolini's at the Forum Shops by the fountain still is one of the best, lovely dinners in town. We were there on election night in 2000 when President Bush ran against Al Gore. We sat down and ordered wine and antipasti and when they brought it, they said things were too close to call. Then when they brought the funghi e pasta, they said VP Gore won. When they brought the tiramisu, they were then saying, Wait a minute! Come to think of it, I am going to book a room at Caesar's for Election Night 2008 and relive the moment. And celebrate.

Saw The Divine Miss M on the 3rd night of her new show. She looks fabulous. She is singing fabulous. Her set and tech is phenomenal. She mentioned the tech budget figure and it escapes me at the moment, but my jaw did drop at the mention. And I was happy for her. What a buzz to perform in that theatre with a stupendous production budget at this point in your career. She was wickedly and profanely funny. Her gift shop is chock full of cute and wonderful things. It's all so, so good. Saw 'Love' with Cirque du Soleil. Hauntingly gorgeous. It explores the backstories of the songs and the childhoods of the Fab Four. Alls I gotta say is that the Cirque must have 6 or 8 clinical psychologists on staff; how else could they climb into your head and heart so fast and go so deep? Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Beautiful.

Oh, yeah. Speaking of which, then there's the Bellagio. When is it that you go to that place and they aren't at the top of their game? Wynn, Schmynn. The Bellagio is a sensory feast and a true place to promenade when in LV much as one promenades on the Champs d'Elysee when in Paris. And everyone goes there, at least to look around. It is a teeming mass of a broad spectrum of international humanity. My favorite Bellagio delight is breakfast in the breakfast room. Five Star Food, which with scrambled eggs give you new appreciation and respect, Five Star Restaurantmanship, Five Star Design. But another emerging favorite came up this trip: on Sunday morning I bought a NYT and wandered down the hall to the chairs set in the windows outside the bathroom of the convention center. Sat in the sun, sipped coffee, read the paper and watched people. Yuuuum.

How can you not love LV? It' s both a definition and a reality in and of its own.

The 'Kan EWA

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