Sunday, March 30, 2008

I like the snow. Here in The Kan EWA we received four inches yesterday and it's snowing hard again today. Hurray! We get just a little more before it gets hot and the mosquitoes and aphids battle for sovereignty in the gardens of Bellemaison.

And being a gardener, my outlook is definitely odd. Maybe because I don't shovel, worry about getting around or otherwise am not burdened by the snow I can just enjoy it at face value. And I do enjoy it. I sit and look out the window now, memorized by the fluid white windowscape that is nothing but pink and blue with hydrangeas in July. In a minute, I will get up and get more coffee and the entire south wall of the kitchen will be a windowful of winter. The garden is as beautiful and lush with quiet, white mounds of fluff today as it is June when the roses and rhododendron bloom or in October, when the asters, chrysanthemums and viburnums take the final bows of the season. The winter garden holds no second place in my heart. It's clean, soft, peaceful and content.

Red Dorothy stuck her head in my lap just now and said she'd like to go out. She likes winter, too. Of course, she's got a good coat.

The 'Kan EWA

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BX_boy said...

10 inches?! HOLY COW!!