Monday, February 18, 2008

The texts, IMs, and emails are really piling up here at Bellemaison. Was I or wasn't I? While I guess you'll never really know for sure and as loathe as I am to break my silence on this point, there are certain things that should be and must be said. Certain things that cannot be denied nor should go unacknowledged nor undiscussed. To wit:

Best Eyes - Toad

Best Skin-Taryn

Best Giggle-Katrina

Best Costume Jewelry-MamaJD

Best Sweetness-Stickman

Best Hands-Doug Clark

Best Babeness-Meghan Cuniff

Best Babalicity-Toad

Best Whining Act by a Customer-BrentAndrews

Best Lighting-Bent

Best Actor in a Listening Role-MikeK

Best Better Get To The Barbershop-Sam The Reporter

Best (?) Plaid-DFO

Best Executive Producer-Sherry Clark

Best Near Miss-Larry Spencer

Best Smile-Digger

Best Sense of Humor-ThomG

Best Impersonation of a Musician-Jane Q.

Tawk amongst yuhselves.


On Location

4th & Roosevelt Coeur d'Belle


treespotter said...

how come i don't win any?

toadman said...

Babalicity? What the heck is that? Did I talk too much? heh...

MarmiteToasty said...

Toad I think it means 'one handsome man holding the most cutest baby' :)...

JBelle, I just KNEW you was gonna be in the sidelines.... I was soooooo tempted to fly over and just mingle and not say a word LOL.... I would of picked ya out though :)


Thomas Brent Andrews said...

I actually thought that waiter was going to hit me. He did hit someone else, on the back, hard, right in front of our table. It was a death slap. If that's the way he treats his friends it's no wonder he yelled at me. Call me a whiner. But a customer ought to be able to sit and finish his outside coffee on a cold night without getting his head handed to him by a waiter. That's all.

Katrina said...

Teehee! (I wish I'd met you!)

jeff said...

Ha, Jbelle, all I wanted to do was thank you for confirming that the Audi was in fact your car. BTW, did you move your office? I haven't seen the car lately. Anyway, what a hoot! there is always next time...oh, and I'll operatives at the kitchen exit next time...


Inland Empire Girl said...

I did my post with your tag. I really liked your answers. I was sorry the Silver Valley Siblings had to miss Blogfest. Maybe next year. They sure missed you I must say.

BOSLady said...

Wow. Now THAT is travel!

Kim_Norm said...

Since I have never met you, or I don't think I have ever met you, I find it curious to make your list. We should make a date to meet here sometime, so I will be sure to be here. You can see what I do and why and of course pick out a beautiful stick with some amethysts thrown in, and some great conversation. I will watch on your blog for such a day and time. Thanks. The Stickman