Friday, October 05, 2007

The mist was heavy in the garden this morning. Now it lays deep and still, entombing the clocktower and all of the park in its mystery. I have much to do today, again, and continue to tilt with those things in business, those problematic enigmas, that bore me, exasperate me, occupy me.

Not that I am without inspiration. I have great inspiration these days, in the form of the goings and doings of my friends.

One of my oldest friends is running for public office. Instead of mucking up the blogs and wagging her finger in the air when we have coffee, she is acting on her strong opinions and convictions. She's running for office. I hear from a mutual friend that things are going quite well and that she will, in all probability, win. She's a true patriot.

One of my dearest friends just retired after working for the Red Cross for 30 years. Never worked for anybody but them. The last chapter of her career included 9/11, Katrina and the tsunami. She touches me deeply. She's struggling as she moves into the new rhythm of her life.

One of my newest friends is going fishing on the Joe this weekend. There's nothing like fall fishing. How is it that autumn can be such a clean beginning on so many levels? This friend has great courage and is fully present in the pain that each day brings. She is going to be fine.

As I write, the fog has lifted from the park and the sun shines softly now, the orange and gold of the treetops in the park clearly visible from my window. All the best moments move so quickly.

The 'Kan EWA


ThomG said...

Jbelle, tell your friend that the fish on the Joe only wake up around 2 PM drink coffee and absorb the smells of the river until then. And when the cuts' do stir, use small flies, very small flies. And dark ones, too.

toadman said...

Very nice. I love fall.

raymond pert said...

Loving, lovely post, lovingly written. I love it.

MarmiteToasty said...

I to love Autumn..... and its been real foggy most mornings here....

lovely post (((JBelle)))) xxxx

Carla said...

Beautifully written. Fall has descended upon us too. So much to do in the meantime.

The Fool said...

Transitions. The leaves turn and it's a new chapter. Welcome back, Cheech.

Inland Empire Girl said...

I love your arrangement of words with this post. I sense you love fall also. Spokane gets a ribbon for fall beauty hands down. What a lovely tribute to friends also.

Anonymous said...

Rhythms, seasons, comings and goings. Fall feels clean because it is a time of harvest, a time of letting go to make way for the new. Fall is "next".

Your friend sounds like a grounded soul, one able to flow with change. What a wise teacher. How lovely of you to pay her tribute. Does she know of your words here? What would she say upon reading them?

I am smiling.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, my mistake. I spoke of friend in the singular and you wrote in plural.

Knowing you, all your friends are amazing. And all would be served by reading your honoring words here.