Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Chow Nation has a good snicker going. There has been a lot of running around in The General, what with fall here and all. Green Bluff, Hayden Farmer's Market, Egger's for good brats, all those places the Chows go to get their apples and pumpkins and gourdes and the things they need to do the entertaining they do once the weather turns fall. You know, tailgates and all.

Anyway, they saw a series of signs all over town last weekend that looked like this:

The Chows love this commando campaigning and think it's a far better nasty than the TV commercials and She's A Liar stuff on the front page of the morning paper. They think the hate boxes on the corner are better because if you're gonna be snarky, why waste money in the process? You could donate $40,000 to Catholic Charities, get you some boxes at the liquor store, take to the street corners and be just as snarky as you could with air time on Q-6. As Do' says quite matter of fact: You don't need an ad agency to go mean. Look at Jane Hession: she just hip checks 'em.
Do' always plays to win and sometimes forgets it's just a game of ball. I guess that's why she's not the Alpha Chow.
The 'Kan EWA


toadman said...

That's it. I'm running for mayor.

What does it pay? Do I need any experience?

The Fool said...

Not being a local. I'm out of the loop on the Hession controversy...but I sure like the gourd! I'll vote for the gourd.

Or Toadman.