Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More St. Petersburg
It's a challenge to pick just a few pictures; click on any of these to see the detail.

Italian Skylight Hall The Hermitage

Raphael Room The Hermitage

Raphael Loggias The Hermitage

the bath part i The Hermitage

the bath part ii The Hermitage

the Pavillion Hall of The Hermitage

the front door of the Winter Palace
(The Hermitage)

my favorite
The Green Dining Room
Summer Palace

Catherine The Great

The 'Kan EWA


Inland Empire Girl said...

I love the green dining room also. Thanks so much for sharing all these pictures. It is such an amazing place.

The Fool said...

Exquisite photographs! Thank you so much for sharing. What an experience!

JBelle said...

Mrs. Roosevelt, I also loved the Raphael Loggias; couldn't get a good picture that reflected true color. Suffice to say, they were spectacular and either an exact copy or in the spirit of the Raphael Loggias in the Vatican, which I can't recall? bit of a puzzle there...

my Lord, All of it was such a tremendous experience in such widely different ways. We were slapping our jaw even at the last hour we were there. (We actually were waiting for our flight and decided to go back out of the secured area to the bathroom. We came back and got in line to go through security again and they waved us through, saying, you're fine. you already passed. ! )

toadman said...

I'm speechless.. I mean.. the Winter Palace.. man.. to have seen it in winter, though. Wow.