Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Best of Kalaloch 2007

Best Dinner
Nominees: Copper River Salmon, flank steak, cheeseburgers
Winner is: Flank Steak
Honorable Mention: Potato Salad
Comments: got the salmon in Des Moines and it was straight fabulous, planked on an open camp fire. And the sentiment was run away wild for the cheeseburgers, made with ground sirloin and grilled onions. Total yo! Factor. And the potato salad, the potato salad, a whole turkey roaster full, vaporized. Potato salad. But in the end, And in the end, it was the steak, carefully soaked in soy sauce, lemon juice, and minced garlic all day, cooked hot over an open flame that took the day. The night. One. Word.

Best Movie

Nominees: Oceans’ 13, Inside Man, Casino Royal
Winner is: Oceans’ 13
Best Line: “The nose plays.”
Comments: Steven Soderbergh, Spike Lee and Daniel Craig. It was a damned fine movie week.

Best Unexpected Great Moment
Nominees: guy in ‘82 Chevy S10 pickup flipping us off in Aberdeen traffic, feeding the crows, watching the eagles fish, the big cedar
Winner is: Guy in pickup flipping us off
Comments: although watching the eagles was flat thrilling the guy in traffic just cracked us up royally. Damn Tourists in their fancy cars.

Best Past time

Nominees: cooking, watching the waves, dominoes, scrabble
Winner is: cooking
Comments: Cooking in our DNA and we do it no better on an open fire where utilitarianism becomes the philosophy of universal value and time honored tradition.

Best Dressed
Nominees: British metro-sexual, Aberdeen locals in camou, lion cuts!
Winner is: lion cuts!
Comments: The Chows took all the love this week. They were the Rock Stars in collars.

Best purchase
Nominees: Converse low cut Chuckies, yellow fleeces, Mount Rainier National Park Starbucks mug
Winner is: Yellow Fleeces
Comments: We always buy trip jerseys for the team and these were on sale for $15 apiece at the General Store. They are hott.

Best Adventure
Nominees: Chasing the Chows down the road, watching high tide, Beach 4
Winner is: Beach 4
Comments: Not Disney, not Vegas, not anybody or anything can complete with Mother Nature for true o*my*gosh*did*u*see* that????*stuff. Entertainment. Wonder. You gotta love it. Imagine the IPO if Mother Nature decided to license and sell her stuff.

Best Advice from the locals
Nominees are: Wilderness Bob, Mike the Waiter, Chinese waitress
Winner is: Wilderness Bob
Advice: King Salmon start biting when the rains start in October

Best New/Old Observation
Home is where the heart is

Best/Worst Reentry Moment

Wall of mayonnaise at Safeway. Bronx Boy nee Southwark Lad experience a serious stomach roll and a huge wave of nausea

Best shopping moment
AK 47s in the case at Trustworthy Hardware in Forks

Louise Cobain
On Location
Forks, Washington


Carla said...

No kidding about that "Best Adventure" stuff. Good choice. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

MarmiteToasty said...

I want you to adopt me LOL

(((JBelle))))great post :) xxx

The Fool said...

Terrific. Much better than the awards shows that inundate the TV selections.

raymond pert said...


Why'd you get flipped off..what's the rest of story!!

What are lion cuts?


the psycho therapist said...

I have wondered and missed you. Now I know.

Sounds as if it was super.
As usual.

I think my word verif says it better than I ever could:

(I smile at you and the thought of you every day. If I'm lyin', I'm dyin'.)


mamaJD said...

Life with JBelle just sounds fantastic. Our family has the same roll of nausea with mayo.

So - do I get a hint?

raymond pert said...

I understand the lion cut now. I ws a little lost there for a while. Kind of out of my league...

JBelle said...

Raymond, We were travelling in two cars because some of us didn't want to ride in the same car with The Chow Nation as they were so filthy dirty and leaving them home was not an option as they hatched a perfect escape plan when we went up to the Big Cedar without them. Had all of Kalaloch in a panic. Whole 'nother story. So we rode in PDX Pup's brand spanking new Lexus and were following Joe Montana and The Chow Nation on the way to the theatre. We missed a light and the pickup got in front of us but there was still left plenty of room between the truck and JM's truck for us to speed up and scoot behind JM. Which we did.

uh oh. Pissed the guy off. Flipped us off and snarled at us with all three of his teeth showing. He then hit the accelerator and roared, ROARED around us, giving us the Avarian Salute. saaaaalut.

We loved the guy. We wanted to ride around with him.

JBelle said...

Carla, only thing that can match it is the Canadian Rockies. It's like being in mass for 10 days straight.

Mel, I want YOU to adopt me. smooch, smooch, smooch.

Ford, we gotta get our families together and camp. Oh the stories we will tell....

Darling Wendoful, we have that connection. I have something else for you that I bought on exactly the big day. the two day. you know which one i mean.

MamaJ, It's funny because we always have fun. and we talk about that. how easy it is for us and what amazing miracles and ephiphanies we have when we are all together. My the members of my birth family are all warriors ande we have legendary hostile familial occasions. So this family that has me now I guess is the one that I have been in training for my whole life. I guess.

Mommy Dearest said...

You seriously rock. I got all kinds of vacation ideas from you. Including the team jerseys. Oh, I love it! Thanks for the advice, BTW :) I hope it is just allergies.

Carla said...

Wow! The pictures really do tell the story. I love the chows' new lion cuts. Fabulous!

JBelle said...

T, We have team jerseys from all over the world. We crack ourselves up. (And when I miss my family, I go to the team jersey drawer and first, decide which one to wear from the many which is a delectable moment in and of itself, and then pull one and and I feel comforted and soothed all day. :)

Carla, Those Chows got so much attention. Everybody pointed and ahhed over the little lions. They do not like to have their hair combed and Dorothy had a problem with a wound that mandated an extensive shave on her back and I was amazed that she let me have my way with her to get at the wound. Then I had no choice but to give her a lion cut to complete the process of doctoring her up from her bad fight injury. She was so easy about it all, I tackled the rest. They laid down and went to sleep as I was shearing handsful and handsful and handsful of fur. Now they are the talk of the Pacific Ocean. That's what they tell me. They say their pictures are all over the internet. hmmm.

toadman said...

Yay! Pictures!