Friday, March 30, 2007

Well, the talk has started about that scandal in my library. Why would anybody make a huge mess, pull all the books off the shelf, pull others out of storage, sort yet another whole category, start doing the same with magazines, making a mess of epic proportions and then not finish the task?

Simple. Stress behavior. Happens every year in February.


The Kan 'EWA


Anonymous said...

OMG, that sounds horribly anxiety-producing. I'm the type that, when changing environments, works pretty much non-stop until everything is put "up" and/or "away" so it looks as if I've been living in the space for years.

I'll front-end load so I can completely relax into unlimited, uninterrupted bliss thereafter.

Different flows
for different "joes"
I suppose.

/signing off to shred mail and tidy up before entertaining visitors

If we don't touch base, have a great weekend, Oh Queenly One.


PS...Green has advised I was mentioned on HBO as a result of your last post. Man, was *that* a hoot* to see.

First, you took my virginity,
then you made me a star.

As if.


JBelle said...

no, Baby, You*are*a*star!

JBelle said...

Another stress behavior that I specialize in is procrastination. I am currently as we speak conducting yet another inventory of the Starbucks mugs. The files on my desk formning a moat are 24 inches high. I'll get to it. I just wanna know for sure I have Munich.

PDX Pup said...

See? See? You used to (still) get so mad at us when we'd be like "Oh yeah, that term paper is due, I haven't really started it." And you *wonder* where we get it from. I would always find the cleaning of my dorm room endlessly more fascinating than writing about the rise of Yellow Journalism in the late 1800s and its implications on todays newspapers.

Luckily, you also passed us the "Pretty much aces it no matter how late you get to it" gene. I think I got an A- on the paper; it probably would've been an A if I wouldn't have taken the time to re-alphabetize my DVD/CD collection.

The Fool said...

Hi JBelle. Hmmmm. Orderly eh? But what magnification lens do I need to catch the titles on those reads? Darn. I thought the photo revelation was going to reveal what you read...not how you stack the post-read. Now, what do you read? Please?

MarmiteToasty said...

I love having a declutter, the trouble being that I need to do it every week LOL....... what now with me older lad having moved back home without a bedroom and the whole contents of his flat now in this house and the shed....... AARRrrrgggggggggggggg.......

I would love to bin the whole contents of this house sometimes, except for a few boxes of treasures (junk to others lol) and just start again.........


Phil said...

I've been decluttering my house for two years. It seems an insurmountable task.

Hey, do you really store your books horizontally??

Silver Valley Girl said...

My family is gone this week, and I have several decluttering projects on my list. I hope to complete at least a few. I can SO RELATE to your scandal in the library.

Carla said...

Oh boy...decluttering projects are not a pretty sight. And in my experience, things tend to look worse before they look better.

Anonymous said...

I have a never-fail system for decluttering. Close the door!

JBelle said...

The library de-acquistion and sort comes are a result of new shelving in the library. Lovely, beautiful new shelves. When I took the picture, I didn't shoot the books much, more the clutter. And they are stacked on that part of the shelves as a sort. They will all come down to their rightful shelf. That is the literature/biography/novel section. The mess on the floor, among other things, is the New Yorker and garden magazine mess. In case you are the slightest bit interested, all the books fall into one of the following categories:

american history
I just ordered some books from and here's what I ordered:

Einstein: His Life and Universe
two travel books on Viet Nam
Broken For You/Kallos
The Lucifer Theory
two histories of the Taj Mahal
Total $325. I can always do that up right. They are soon going to call it

*eyes narrowing*Not now, not ever is an A- okay. Just isn't. :) Good thing you are my favorite.

I have to say the whole trick on managing clutter is the size of the house. If you have a big enough house, you use the Wondering Method. BTW, Mel, you inspired me to write a blog on just that topic: throwing everything away and starting completely over. Stay tuned.

MarmiteToasty said...

moi? inspire? I DONT THINK SO lol


MarmiteToasty said...

ps....... also thinking me tiny little house would fit in ya library LOL


Anonymous said...

That is what happens when one is a smart alec! I really put my foot in my mouth. Honestly, I don't have a cluttered house with many closed doors. Well, Emily Annes room (my younger cat) is a tad cluttered as she simply doesn't tend to pick up her toys. And when my son is home for holiday, his room tends to be....actually we won't even go into that. But in general, I am on the anal side. While you will find the occassional dust, clutter doesn't occur unless I'm on a re-org binge.

There is wisdom in that "don't sweat the small stuff" advice.