Tuesday, February 13, 2007

So it's been a good month since I made the famous New Year's resolution not to buy any clothes, shoes, handbags or scarves in North American or Europe in 2007.

When I was in London in January, I passed up olive green suede shoes, luscious olive green suede shoes. I've had to stop and drop back a few times since as I want a new black long sleeve cashmere sweater. New black jeans, too. Can't get too many of those. I found a wonderful place out of Dallas that makes gorgeous shoes and handbags. Nice, right? All forbidden under the New Improved Plan for 2007.

It's come to my attention only this morning that my very best friend just bought three, use your fingers, three Chanel handbags. The Chows want to know, rightly so, how am I doing?

Previous to making my resolution, I knew that in my schematic shopping for clothes is a hybrid between a blood sport and an art form. That's why I decided to see how a break, a major intervention would play out. I had absolutely no idea if a shopping embargo would be significant or important in my life but was open to finding out and curious about what I would do if I didn't shop.

Forty days into this discovery I find that overall, I don't have any trouble not buying clothes. I do find that it's the specialty stuff that sorely tempts me, provokes me. I want a new pair of boots to walk in. I want a new pair of boots for the rain. I want a new hat to wear in the rain. I want new work out clothes.

I have enough work out clothes for the Laker Girls and the US Women's National Soccer team to get good and sweaty three times a day for a week. My work out clothes take up a whole bedroom in my house--the one the babies used to sleep in, for God's sakes. I have the lingerie, I have the pants, I have the shirts and socks and windbreakers; I have sweat bands., I have bandanas, I have gloves, gloves, gloves. I have bike shoes, golf shoes, runners, cross trainers, yogas, tennis, basketball and any other sports shoe you might imagine including the iPod shoes; I easily have 40 pairs of work out shoes, most having been worn twice or so. But still...

I'd like some new stuff; I want some more stuff. I want new black work out socks. I just need some more.

So on Valentine's Day 2007, my problem isn't Chanel, Hermes, Prada or Gucci. My problem is Nike, adiddas, and Under Armor.

More as I know it....

The 'Kan EWA


toadman said...

Are there "wonderful places" in Dallas? I was unaware.

Carla said...

No new shoes for this year? How tragic...but I fully understand. I've been trying to restrain myself as well.

Anonymous said...

Luscious olive green suede, you say? Hmm, I don't know, I don't know. That olive business doesn't come around often, not often, no sir! Schmeebsie, that would be tough over here.

/shaking head

I can (and do) do without much of the time but luscious olive suede, Schmeebs, luscious olive green!

How do you do it?
You're a goddamned marvel of modern science, you are. You and McMurphy.


Naturally, I'd insist on the pointiest of toe-boxes.


Keeping up with your resolve, go figure! You? Bien sur!


Phil said...

If I can't get it at Fred Meyer, I don't need it. :)

I haven't bought any new clothes for myself in years. Well, except for a couple of Vandal shirts from the UI bookstore, including one with Erickson's name on it that I had to take a magic marker to.

Even so, I'm currently building shelves in our master closet and when I took everything out my only thought was, "Why do I have so many clothes?" Sheesh, I only wear one pair of jeans and rotate three t-shirts.

MarmiteToasty said...

I will send you me 'funeral' shoes LOL - what a tale they have to tell...


Anonymous said...

Stop tormenting me, Mel!


PDX Pup said...

oooh, I love the picture of the handbag with the Treo peaking out! I'm working on acquiring those Valentine's for you right now!

Word Tosser said...

You made a promise not to BUY...new etc..
But you didn't promise to not recieve as a gift such things... so let's see what these "gifts" from children can be for? Well, you missed Valentine's day, so they could do it for a belated Valentine's day, and then there is Easter, and Mother's day, and (got grandkids yet?) Grandparents day.. and 4th July, opps back up we forgot Earth day... see.. no reason to go with out a "gift" from time to time. Just let your children and spouse know where and what size to get... lol....No this isn't cheating... you said BUY...and you won't be buying.