Sunday, January 07, 2007

I've gone the usual round of what's working for me in my life, what isn't. What I value, what gives me value. So the resolutions that are culturally appropriate this time of year came pretty easy to me--be sure to get to the gym at least 5 times per week. Examine my personal efficiency at work. Think about leaving work everyday at 4:30. Eat out less. Only go somewhere I really want to go instead of going somewhere with people who want me to go with them. Almost the usual. Still, it didn't feel routine to come up with the list and it all felt entirely useful going the circuit of evaluation necessary to be resolved.

And then a few days ago, it hit me. About 10:30 at night, while reading the New York Times European Edition. I do not even remember what I was reading. Nothing related. But my real New Year's Resolution popped into my head with absolute certainly and peace.

In 2007, I will not buy any new clothes, shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry or anything that I will wear. I will allow myself a non-North American, non-European exemption, if I absoolutely need it. Only I will know what I really need. And I will not be hard on myself as my needs arise. But while I am in North America and Europe, I will buy nothing new to wear.

There. It's done. It's cool. I need this.

On Location
Southwark, London


curtcon said...

**booking your next shopping spree in Australia

A girl's gotta get out:-)...Happy New Year

JBelle said...

hey you. :) Saw Rock'n'Roll. wow.



Shelley said...

Years ago when my son was reluctantly accompanying me on a shopping trip to what was then The Bon Marche, he pulled my arm as I veered towards the shoe department, saying "just go home and buy shoes from your closet!" Funny thing was, I actually did buy a pair of shoes one time that were nearly identical to a pair I had long forgotten, in my closet. (I took the new ones back.)

Your vow to not buy anything new to wear in 2007 reminded me of a couple of articles I read at the beginning of this year, about some folks who created what they called "The Compact" last year. They vowed not to buy anything new (except the basics -- food, toiletries, etc) all year.

You may have seen the articles too; if not here are some links:,8599,1574833,00.html,1,7189407.story?coll=chi-living-hed

I hope the links work. Anyway, I thought about giving up my own hobby of "recreational shopping" this year. Maybe after I finish hitting all the after-Christmas sales I'll be ready...

Happy New Year!

green libertarian said...

I do all my shopping at thrift stores now, have been for about 9 months. It' a form of recycling. I can get away with it 'cause there's so few occassions I need nice looking dress clothes. And those I do still have, when necessary.

I am glad the days of business-not-so-casual-including-a-(GAK)tie-are OVER, Rover.

the psycho therapist said...

Just a note after reading your earlier posts...
The trip sounded wonderful and deeply nourishing. It makes you could come away feeling a need for less after having been so satiated.

I look forward to hearing about those soulful qualities you picked up and/or got requainted with in Italy.

Love to you,
and the wrod verif is "biplzr".
If I had to grapple with that disorder I'b very sad indeed.

Out, babaay.


the psycho therapist said...

It makes "sense" you could come away...and please disregard all the other typos. Today is not a typing day, I suppose....

Word Tosser said...

"I will allow myself a non-North American, non-European exemption, if I absoolutely need it."

Well, that means underpants and maybe bras... those are the only two items, most of us women forget to buy ourselves...until we are down to the last couple. We will buy,shirts, skirts,pants, purses, shoes, even tho we have 20 of them.. but underwear, just seems to slip the mind.