Friday, December 29, 2006

We romp through the end of 2006 in Amalfi, surely one of the most delightful towns in all of Italy. It was bright, clear and sunny today and our thin northern blood showed with our linen shirt sleeves and cotton t shirts while the Italians sported the ubitqutous down coats and cashmere scarves. Seems that people have been coming here to the Amalfi coast for either 8,000 or 13,000 years--they aren't sure which. But at any rate, even Odysseus came here. Remember that it was here that he escaped the call of the 3 Sirens, Ligea, Leucosia, and Parthenope. They were so distraught at his escape, they committed suicide. You can see the remains of their 3 earthly forms as little islands off Positano.

We are really enjoying all the Black Madonnas around Positano. The story goes that 12th century sailors coming from the Orient were stranded in the Bay of Positano by a lack of wind. Restless and edgy with no change in the wind, they heard the whisperings in the hold of the boat. It was the exquoite Black Madonna, imploring them to leave her ashore. Without hesitation, they obeyed and drug her to shore and presented her to the people of Positano. The wind immediately picked up and they were on their way. She remains in the Our Lady of Assumption in Positano.

The other completely unique thing of the day was the underwater

Well and then there was the crypt of La Cattedrale di S. Andrea Apostle in Amalfi.

Ah, Italy. It goes on and on, all day.

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Costieria Amalfitana


MarmiteToasty said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR SCHMEEEEEBs...... be safe, be well and be loved....


toadman said...

Man. What a beautiful place. Soak it all up for me, eh? Oh, and get me a little bottle of that Limoncello, will ya?

the psycho therapist said...

Beautiful. I'm sure there's "the rest of the story". I know you're having fun, KNOW it!



treespotter said...

will you have presents home?

send me postcards...

jb3ll3 said...

I should have, would have, sent you all, sent the world, postcards. But i just didn't. I took on no obligations other than lunch and filling my spirit. And shoes and handbags. :) love you.