Friday, November 17, 2006

From time to time, we issue special endorsements here at Bellemaison. And all our endorsements are special because we just don't do them too often.

Not that we aren't willing to let the facts speak for themselves; we are. But we want you to know what we are especially thinking, because from time to time, something makes a deep-down-there, wow-I-didn't-know-I still-had-THAT-there kind of connection.

And so it is with a.ho.

First knew him and his phenomenal hair at that Athens of early childhood ed, Cataldo Catholic School. It's hard to say where exactly that hair of his comes from because his gene pool is rich with swimming curly hair, much of it having fallen from the tree, so to speak. So we don't really know. All we know is that a.ho comes by this all time great blond, curly hair of his honestly. Quite honestly.

And as a matter of fact, he got his hair same place he got his intellectual stamina and bandwidth. But a.ho is still remarkable because he literally has dozens of cousins with a similar gene pool. Heck, he's got brothers and sisters that are near clones.

And even though they are wonderful, and wonderful they are these delicious sibs of his--make no mistake, they aren't the same. They aren't a.ho. Only a.ho is a.ho and that's what makes him so special. The exactly unique stuff that's only him. Who can say what is it? I sure can't. I do know courage, honesty and faith are a piece of it.

So it happens that Our Boy is having his viva next week, in conjunction with wrapping up his studies at University of Oxford where he's just completed his stint as a Rhodes Scholar. He is appropriately nervous and anticipatory at the same time. This is a defining moment in his life and in the life of any person who wonders about the world and the patterns and paths of the people here.

So as a.ho rounds third base with the ball rocketing in from right field, give a cheer for Anthony. You don't have to know him to applaud his tenacity, his skill, his ambition. Say a prayer, make a thought, sing a tiny song for our hometown guy who goes toe to toe with the best minds in the world and from this seat in the stadium is safe by a mile, with a grand slam.

Love you. Take it to 'em.

The 'Kan EWA


PDXPup said...

Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!

toadman said...

Oxford Rhodes Scholar? Yeah, I'll give him a cheer or two, or three.

Congradulations on being the thinkiest thinker who ever thunk a thought a.ho.

curtcon said...

Envisioning Anthony rounding third at Fenway....Full tilt fearless beeline straight into Posada....

Posada drops the ball!!!!

jb3ll3 said...

Posada sucks! a.ho rocks!

the psycho therapist said...

Go, a.ho. Go, a.ho.



jb3ll3 said...

Wearing my St. Anthony medal all week, Wendo. All week. (me love me me Wendo)

curtcon said...

Growing up I had the great fortune of having some pretty good teachers...Occasionally I had the the very best.

Jesuits...They were ALWAYS just a cut above the rest.

green libertarian said...

As some of you know, daughter attends a Jesuit high school. We were at the Jesuit university today, the law school where we like to play ping pong, of all things... I grabbed a copy of Gonzaga U's newspaper and perused it, I try and read it from time to time. Notice a big advert in there for the Jesuit Service Corp, which Mr. House was involved with. Never heard of them.

I asked daughter if she was still planning on attending Gonzaga U, she said yes... And, she was headed to the GU basketball game tonight, with a long time friend who's parents have season tickets. (We noticed about 300 students queing up to get into the game.)

What is the esteemed Mr. House going to do now that he's matriculated from Oxford?

jb3ll3 said...

a.ho has an *esteemed* job with Google in London. Quite esteemed. :)

Word Tosser said...

Standing in the Bleachers, with hands clapping, how so awesomely cool.... Oxford Rhodes... WOW!! as we all stand and clap....