Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The 'Kan EWA


the psycho therapist said...

Ah yes, nothing says loving like the advancing dog days of summer...the scorching heat, the unbearable humidity, the flippin' stingin' yellowjackets. What is not to love, I ask you, what is not to love?

Certainly not someone named Schmeebsie the j who has a birthday on this very day (August 3rd, for cripessake).

There's an hour and half on this coast until YOUR BIG DAY, darlin', but I hope to be in cahoots with the sandman when it arrives so...

Lord, I am lucky...or my ship came in. ;)

Ana Martin said...

Is it your birthday on the 'morrow??

Because we have ways of dealing with that at El Terror.

And your conflowers don't look like mine. Mine are burnt. And look like they are fresh from the oven.

BX_boy said...


CynM said...

Hippo, birdie, 2 ewes
Hippo, birdie, 2 ewes
Hippo, birdie, deer JBelle
Hippo, birdie, 2 ewessssssss

Ok, it loses something without the Boynton graphics but that's been my birthday song for years and I'm stickin to it!

Hope your wish comes true birthday girl

green libertarian said...

PT, heat, what heat, I gotta put another blanket on the bed, downright chilly at night 'round here, 'bout 48 degrees.

JBELLE! Happy Birthday, girlfriend!

Hope you enjoyed it! Enjoyed. ed. past tense. I'm the king of Happy Belated Birthday cards. /sigh

I do hope you had a wonderful one, and have a super duper, no really, coming year.

jb3ll3 said...

I am in Portland on business and am now headed to Friday Harbor to meet some friends to celebrate their anniversary. It's lovely here and nice and sunny and hot. Regular hot. not horrible hot. And I DID get a text from the Chows, saying that they are finally sleeping well now that it's 48 at night! They say if they get bored they are going to go down to SoPo for ice cream this weekend so if you see them down there....

Had a nice interval in which I celebrated the day. May seem a little odd, probably a lot odd, but here's how it shaped up for me: I didn't work in the car on the way down and enjoyed sitting in the sun. It was quiet, there were no demands and the sun was deliciously warm. I sipped an iced coffee all the way to Kennewick. sigh. see? I really do have the basic disposition of an accountant. But in my defense, go read what the Christ Child has to say about celebration. When I have to, I know what exactly what to do, celebration-wise. It's comes as a bit of a celebration not to celebrate, I guess. I bet I'm in pain. I bet I need a therapist. :)

And so, dear ones, know again that I love you and think of you. Thank you for catching up with me; your honor sits with me this morning as I write and I anticipate some more quiet time in the car today when I'll think of you and all that is good in my life. Be safe and stay well. xoxo

green libertarian said...

Jbelle, whatever floats YOUR boat on YOUR B-Day. I've done everything, and nothing on my B-day before. Jumped out of a perfectly good airplane on my 30th. Para-sailed on my 40th. Other times, just a regular day.

I regret to inform the Chows, that it appears to me that the Scoop on SoPo has shut down. At least that's what it looked like last night, when I went over to Hu's to buy some stamps. Store looked totally empty inside. Not looking good for the 'hood, several of those shops are now closed, plus the Cafe across the street closed too. (That would be a good place for me and my business partner's idea for an Eco-Pub... all organic wines, beers, spirits, and food.)

Glad you had a nice birthday. Many happy returns.

Julie said...

I love coneflowers too.

Happy Birthday, Jahn. Did I know this????