Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Summer 2006 Tour kicked off in Portland yesterday. And a magnificent kick off at that, it was. Flew in under very cloudy skies and collected our bargain rent car and made our way to Voodoo Doughnuts & Wedding Chapel. The magic is in the hole. Their doughtnut menu is extensive. Just a few of their specialities include: Tangfastics, Red Bull doughnuts, Dirty Snowballs, Bacon Maple Bars, Old Dirty Bastards, Vegan Doughnuts and Cock & Balls. The wedding menu, while not as extensive, does offer some variety: Intentional Commitment Ceremony $20; Legal Commitment Ceremony $175.00; The Whole Shebang $5000; one can only imagine.

Giddy with blood sugar and caffeine, we walked around the Pearl and marveled in the exquisite, thoughtful development that has turned this area into a premier residential area on the west coast. Beautiful, beautiful urban living spaces with parks, services, retail and wonderful restaurants, exquisitely cityscaped. The Pearl District just gets better and better and is a hallmark of responsible urban reclamation and redevelopment. Late morning, we pit stopped at Widmer's for bratwurst, saurkraut, and grilled onions with dark, creamy beer, then went downtown where we completed due diligence at The Rack, and then proceeded, with great determination, deep into the suburbs for the main event: The Nike Employee Store. It was a heady time: Air Max 360s for $55, Cole Hahn's for $30, Tiger! TIGER's shirts for $20; commemorative vintage Tour de France shirts, Nike Frees, 7.0, the best shoe in the history of civilization, bike pants, training shirts and shoes, shoes, shoes. All told 13 pair of them. For me. All told, 25 or so pairs of shoes. Remember, this wasn't the kick off of the summer reading program.

We met the splendid and mysterious Francoise Joyelle for dinner at the Portland City Grill; she brought along her companion, himself quite awed to be included in the Summer Tour. He can't wait for the press, anticipating the papparazzi in his driveway tomorrow. The menu at the Portland City Grill is a wise and all-encompassing resource to which we availed ourselves immediately. We had shrimp, we had rib eyes, we had wasabi mashed potatoes with vanilla Stoli and 7 and raspberry Panna Cotta for dessert. It was a perfect dinner under the Oregon dusk, served by a gorgeous woman from somewhere in Eastern Europe. We were quite intriqued that even the exquisite Francoise was eluded by the origin of this tantalizing accent.

But our return to reality loomed. We had two seats on the last plane out and at the final possible moment, said very quick and impersonal goodbyes, raced to the airport, sweet talked an airport employee into returning our car, checked the body bag with about 20 pairs of shoes and sprinted for the gate with our Chinese Laundry bags full of shopping goodness. We made it just as they boarded our section. It's all in the planning.

Next stop on the tour: Lake Como. Don't miss it.

The 'Kan EWA


curtcon said...

I wouldn't have made it out of the donut shop:-). Wait a minute, yes I would..Someplace in that tract I heard creamy beer and Stoli Vanilla as well.

And how do you make shopping sound like a devout shia's pilgrimage to Mecca?

Glad you had a wonderful day:-)

jb3ll3 said...

oh, we are religious here. And shopping, of course, falls directly into one of our Tenets of Faith. ;)

BX_boy said...

Widmere? pshh.... I AM JEALOUS.

jb3ll3 said...

We have quite a life here on the west coast, Bronx Boy. Quite a life....

curtcon said...


My God, I saw a guy in a NY Yankees hat on your blog. All is forgiven as long as he is a dedicated WFUV listener:-)

Only kiddin Bx_boy..If the Red Sox didn't have the Yankees or visa versa, they would have had to invent each other:-)

Traversed that lovely Cross Bronx Xway today, btw. My God that road is hell bleak.

jb3ll3 said...


Bronx Boy has been such a disappointment, Curt. Stellar transcript from high school, sparkling 3 page resume, stratospheric test scores, charming and handsome (well I am his mother), he accepts the Presidential Scholarship in New York, is there 2 weeks

and becomes a Yankees fan.

God, it broke our hearts. People warned us. We just didn't think that sort of thing could happen to us.

It can happen to anybody, Curt. Thanks for your support. WE live with this open wound and pray that he will come to his senses in our lifetimes.

And I noticed that Big B on your forehead in the photo album. :)I got a cap just like it, only my B is green! I think the XBronxWay is in place specifically to confirm the west coaster's worst fears about Noo York Citty. Imagine how pleased I was to know that my little boy was driving the Ram van full of people on the XB a week after he moved to NY. He could have easily taken up the piano and gone to community college and lived at home. Had dinner with his mother every night. Do you know how many people would jump at a deal like that?

sigh. The irony and cruelty of it al....


curtcon said...

shoulda guessed JBelle Good lookin kid = good lookin mom:-).

I'll take him to Fenway and wash that silly ass notion Yankee stuff out his head for ya if ya like..lolol.

Seriously, if you ever need logistics help bx_boy, I'm just up the street in Connettykut.

ciao (chowww)

vendella von messershmitt said...

Girls just wanna have fun? And I wasn't there? (snif)

Lemme see...bratwurst and sauerkraut, check...a dozen or more pairs of shoes, check (are you kidding me on the Cole H. prices? Yum)...more food and adult beverages, check...(sigh).
Most excellent!

As for the man in NYC...
he seems to have made the right choice, but hey, who am I to say?

You are blessed, Schmeebs. Blessed.
Can I come over and rub your head for luck? If I start driving now I should make it by Christmas and then we could catch those post-holiday shoe sales.


jb3ll3 said...

In the picture is The Angel and Miss Rhonda, her auntie. They learned everything they know about power shopping from me. :)

BX_boy said...

WFUV? Dedicated listener. A couple of my friends run the sports show on Saturday. I am very familiar with it.

As for Boston? PUKE. Even with a third of our team a year away from qualifying for AARP privledges, and a third injured with this or that, we're still able to beat you guys.

I wish the CBX would die. Realizing this is logistically not possible, I will settle for a good resurfacing.

What part of the 'cut are you from Curt?

curtcon said...


cept 4 games in a row back an October or two..jus sayin.

I work in Stamford...I'd say no more than 25 miles or so from Yankee Stadium.

One of these days I'll share a beer or two with ya and regale you with some of the Yankee/Red Sox games I've been to. I was even at Fenway the day Bucky Dent broke New England's collective heart.