Tuesday, January 03, 2006

You knew it was coming; you can act as innocent as you want, to no avail. With no further ado:

Best of The Lac 05/06
Best Guide: Curtis the Snomobile Man "White 'n' Wild"
Best This Is Just Wrong Dept: TIE:strollers on the ice skating rink, cell phones conversations on the middle of the Lac
Best Bitter Disappointment: Hudson Bay Co.: Official Outfitter of the Canadian Olympic Team
Best New Restaurant: Maple Leaf Bar & Grill
Best Rush: free falling with the snomobile over the side of the mountain
Best Picturesque Sight: newly wed Royal Canadian Mountie in full dress uniform with bride in wedding gown and white fur crossing frozen Lac Louise in horse-drawn sleigh
Best Commercial: rabbits on the cell phone ad
Best Unguided Adventure: x country skiing
Best of the New at The Post: TIE: gym and wireless internet
Best of the New Outside The Post: gondola @ the ski hill
Best Whose Bright Idea Was This: Banff to Golden: 4 lanes by 2010 Now coming to a TransCanadian HiWay near you!
Best Mixed Message: Temple Mountain Spa
Best New Menu item at The Post: Porterhouse Steak
Best Dessert: Lemon Tart with Sour Ice Cream & Huckleberries
Biggest Lineup Change: The New Wife
Best Comeback: The Chateau
Best Pasttime: picking from 17 different channels of hockey
Best Disturbing Revelation: Lance stayed at Watson House in September
Best Stupid Remark: Ono! It's a shark! Ahi! It's tuna!
Best Christmas Tree: Banff Town Square
Best Photo Op: catching air with the snomobile
Best Sign, French or English: No Smoking
Best Request: Take it easy on the staff--some of them never made it to bed last night. --Gunther 1.1.2006
Best Sign Somebody Is Gonna Lose Their Job First Thing This Year: arriving at the top of the ski lift 10 am New Year's Day to see the operator dead asleep, head back and snoring
Best That Is So Last Year: Coupe Danemark *yawn*
Best Bathroom: new women's off lobby
Best Lunch: Laggan's
Best I Am So Over That: ? Hasn't happened yet
Best I Sure Wish We Had These In The 'Kan: periwinkle Christmas lights
Best Thing To Look Forward to in 2006: coming back.
Bob's Yer Uncle, Fanny's Yer Aunt
On Location
Lac Louise Canada


Bre said...

Uhhh...is free falling from the side of a mountain on a snowmobile a regular occurance? Sounds scary.

jb3ll3 said...

Not for me! And I was outvoted on that one. These guys love to 80 kabillion miles an hour straight up the mountain and then figure out a way to get down. If you don't like heights or that always out of control feeling, it's a anxiety ridden experience. I am assured that that particular feeling fades with experience. I like good books by the fire.

Bre said...

This is why I don't ski. I don't mind heights, I just don't like falling from them or zooming down a mountain out of control. I've only snowmobiled on flat level ground in a field behind our house so not enough room to go that fast.