Friday, January 20, 2006

It's seasonably cool again in Paris today. I was up and out early, walking the neighborhood in the dark at 8 am. I was just at Starbucks, waiting for the Cyber Cube to open; they charge 4.40 E for a venti latte, about 5.50 $A, but only 1 E, 1.25$A, for the most luscious croissant, only slightly smaller than an American football. I love this country! BTW, I went to Starbucks because it's right by Cyber Cube. Watched all the American men, presumably college professors or administrators, struggle in--relieved, I am presuming, to find an oasis of home, in the midst of the jungle. Or the desert. Or whatever. I am presuming they are educational people because this neighborhood is that of the Sorbonne and the University of Paris. It's great fun to be here with the vibe of a good college town. The comic book stores are fabulous! I was just wandering a few moments ago and came across the local high school: Lycee Fennale? All the kids have iPods and all the kids smoke. (sigh)But they are all dressed quite well. :)

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Paris France

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