Saturday, January 21, 2006

I had a wonderful, wonderful afternoon in The Marais yesterday. Its street are narrow and winding and it's a real adventure always. I had the best lunch! My server, who spent a year in Cal-GARY, was trying to talk me into the pork and gravy when a plate full of scallops went by and I said, oh la la! He didn't say another word, but turned and put my order in.

Oh la la, o my sainted aunt, holy shazola. The scallops arrived, pan seared, with bouquets of some greens, I don't know what, that had been wilted by the juices of the pan searing. Underneath the greens, were, surprise! potatoes. Thinly sliced and definitely al dente. Crunchy potatoes! Oh, did I forget to say, there were hazelnuts, too? This was incredible food. The server was very funny and flirted furiously with me. Brought me dense chocolate cake for dessert, with caramel sauce made on the spot, by him. Sugar and butter, high heat, and bang! Ambrosia. A wonderful, crisp white wine followed by cappuccino and oh my, what a memory.

The French economy is stronger than I have ever seen it. Very few vacant store fronts and many people shopping and spending money. It's really nice to see that most of the toursists here are French. They stop me and ask for directions. Must be the IDAHO shirt.

On Location
Paris, France


Phil said...

I'd probably just head for the nearest McDonalds! Or Le Burger King... :)

Bre said...

When the hubby and I were on our honeymoon (Cancun), we ate at all the nice places until the last couple days we were running out of money so we ended up at Burger King and Pizza Hut with our store bought Corona's.