Friday, January 20, 2006

I am utterly fascinated with the reaction I get when it comes out that I am American. (ah-mare-ee-CAIN!) I get great respect but across the board surprise and puzzlement (many are you sure? ah-mare-eeCAIN? looks). The immigrants are quite impressed that they are talking with an American woman, God bless their baby hearts, and all people here are quite fond of Americans, with no ill will at all. The cab drivers still give you incorrect change, giving themselves a nice tip. I don't argue as hassling cab drivers is not my idea of a good international experiece so I let it go, but exit the cab with loud TSK, TSK, TSK. I never tsk, tsk, tsk anywhere in the US. I cannot feature why I surprise people so. I wear this: black Cole Hahn G series shoes, Dana Buchman black slacks, black Dana Buchman twin set, black Nike vest, black knit hat with 'Idaho' on it and black leopard fleece gloves from Old Navy. Kate Spade sunglasses. Not exactly international couture. It is how it is, I guess. I'm off. The Marais awaits.

On Location
Paris, France


Bre said...

My husband kept getting mistaken for a Mexican in Mexico. He doesn't speak any Spanish at all, I took 2 1/2 years so I know some "tourist" Spanish. When we were in Mexico they kept trying to speak to him in Spanish and I'd tell them he didn't speak Spanish and they'd give him that same "are you sure?" look that you described. One guy even exclaimed out loud "You're not Mexican?" and my husband told him no and that he didn't speak Spanish and the guy still kept telling him prices in Spanish and would give me a dirty look everytime I translated it for him.

You must just give off that French look. =)

stebbijo said...

I just love this -

Some day I want to take you "On Location" to my hometown. You are just the ticket!