Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Angel Child. Irish in all things. Generous, loyal, sentimental and with a piece of the Blarney Stone in her mouth at all times. Competitive, lazy, ambitious, ne'er do well, funny, thin-skinned, champion, average, conservative, risky. Her contradictions continue to make her unpredictable and a beautifully wrapped present that's a gift to us all. May she turn in her halo for a candle, to light her path in 2006.


On Location

Lac Louise Canada


stebbijo said...

How nice! What a great group of lookers! That Christ Child has it going on! He looks like he came out of the movie - Dr. Zhivago. I may have to put up a few photos of my kids just because they are good looking and precious, too!

jb3ll3 said...

Stebbijo, That would be AWESOME. I am going to be looking for them.

Bre said...

I want to see them too Stebbi!