Monday, November 14, 2005

Well those mojitos put us in a fine party mood and we needed that too, because 999 of the surprises waiting for us were FEATHERS. Not really. But there were lots of feathers. Most notably, in the centerpieces on the table. The centerpieces rose from the middle of the table as a opeened umbrella would, tall and slim then exploding into a shower of burgundy, gold, orange, deep-hued roses. And coming up the middle, reaching for flight in the sky were...wait for it...feathers. Pheasant feathers in fact. Hanging off the free-standing umbrella of flowers were little votive candles that twinkled like the stars, all over the room. Magic! They were sublime creations of fantasy, hope and drama that stood watch over a party that was wrapped and twined with laughter and tears. The last time I cried so much in one day was the day my mother died. The last time I laughed so much in one day was the last time all the Mueller Girls were together.

Okay, about the dress: it was freaking unreal. A silk sheath with a slight contrasting silk belt with a beautiful crystal buckle. The dress was form fighting to right above the knee, where it fell into a fabulous skirt, like a flamenco dancer. Of course, covered buttons ran the length of the sheath in the back. This was one serious dress. Vera Wang? Our Girl had her hair done up, back, smooth, to right above her neck, where an orderly bun of sorts served to anchor her veil, which fell from the middle back of her head. Words cannot describe. One of the best attributes of the dress was that it was fit to perfection. It stayed firmly in place all evening and I never saw her tug at it once. I have never, ever seen a bride so beautiful.

The bride's father provided a seminal moment for us all when he rose to give the toast to the bride and groom. When he said, "You are my treasure...." she sobbed and sobbed. We sobbed, too, grateful for all those memories of Russell Elementary, the St. Joe, Sun Valley, Grandma Jo's, and the image of tha little blond spitfire with the infectious laugh. Dad spoke simply, gently, genuinely--a man completely in touch with his feelings on his Treasure's wedding day. It was deeply powerful as much had been that day and this latest surge of stem cell emotion completely drained us. For the moment. Us Mueller Girls got it back when it was time to dance, though. Good thing we have each other.

The 'Kan EWA


stebbijo said...

Sounds like quite an eventjb3113! You are always having just too much fun!

Bre said...

Wow, and he's got two more daughters to go (just two more right?)! You've got some more spectacular weddings ahead of you.

It sounds sooooo beautiful and definatly unique.