Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Well, the party is a bit of a blur now. Met alot of nice people, washed and dried about 500 serving bowls, platters, plates, pans and pitchers. One thing I remember is requests, then pleas, for recipes. Guess I'll post 'em one day soon. I clearly remember Mike the Bike Stud and his gorgeous bride, very happy, chatting, laughing and really enjoying their friends. They were everywhere at once and were utterly lathered in the love and regard of all. For me, that was like a favorite birthday present. That and eveyone eating like pigs. It was quite a night because we had between 75-100 trick or treaters. ! People were posing their kids in the graveyard and photoing them. ! (This graveyard has been an annual event for the better part of 10 years; what's the big deal now?)

Best costumes: this is tough. The costumes were smokin'. I would say...Charlie Chaplin. The guy was awesome. And Cynthia the witch. Long silky purple hair? Can ya argue with that?? Best hor d'eurve: Garlic/Pesto/Sun Dried Tomato torte. Favorite person: Seamus the bartender! Favorite gift to Mike the Bike Stud: jar labeled 50 reasons why you are my friend containing 50 really sweet personal observations (sigh) Best Realization: we are now old enough to have the oldest child of among us tend bar for us (long sigh) Best Surprise: the enormous pumpkin, carved "Happy 50th Annual Glock-o-ween!" sitting on the front porch (I thought, I am SO damn tired. I don't even remember buying that pumpkin. That's because I didn't buy it. Mike the Bike Stud brought it from his work, where some highly talented co-worker presented it to him. It was so cool!) Best these times are a-changin': not one pumpkin in the graveyard was taken and smashed on the road.

It's now one for the books.

The 'Kan EWA

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Julie said...

Jahn, it sounds like you really had a nice time at the party. Good.