Monday, October 24, 2005

Gosh, there' s just so much to do! Club Chow is awash with all the Halloween goings on and preparations. The Chows have been pouring over Martha Stewart, Williams Sonoma, and Emeril both in print and online for the latest in chic Halloweenings and now that they've cornered the market on resources, they're down to arguing over exactly how it's all going to play out at Bellemaison. But they have figured out their costumes. It's all set: Pete is going to be a pirate, Silvie a mermaid, Dorothy a red devil and Cleo, well, Cle has decided to go as Eldrige Cleaver. He's a got a real challenge as Eldrige had curly hair but Cle says he can pull it off. I have decided to pretty much stay in character so I will be a witch. Don't I just wish I had black hair. Thank god I do have the warts.

The 'Kan EWA

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