Sunday, September 25, 2005

I retook The Test of The Palouse this afternoon and this time, I passed. I first reported here about this grueling exercise and my psychological failure on July 31. This time, from the moment I set out I told myself I was going to ride all the way and not give in to the pain. Good thing, too, because I needed the resolve. It was easy for me to see why I couldn't get it the first time. It in not only the steepest part of the 10 mile all-hill course, but the ramp up to it is very tricky, making a cross across two curvey parts of the Palouse Highway. (Can the cars see me as I am about to cross here? Am I going to be roadkill in the next 7 seconds?) But the daunted Waneta Hill is an unknown no more. I did it. It was nip and tuck all the way but I made it to the mailbox at the top of the hill and didn't start to spit up blood until a few hundred yards later. r.r.r. Upward and onward. What's next.

The 'Kan EWA


BAC said...
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stebbijo said...

Hi --
I thought I would just drop in and say "Hi," since you are depressed and everything. I love your photos. I also think the Chows are very entertaining! :-)

In the blogs .. or somewhere in New York?

jb3ll3 said...

oh those Chowsies have all the answers to life. They had a most excellent day today because Monday is the day everyone goes back to work and leaves them the hell alone. (I don't know where they pick that language up) I told them about your current offering and they said they are quite glad they they are not houswives, working wives or fat bastards. Dorothy really giggled on that last one, though. Pete and Cleo didn't think she was one bit funny.

stebbijo said...

Hi again -

I am adding you to my coffee clutch. Gad -- did you never watch Dynasty?

jb3ll3 said...

The Chows told me to link up to Stebbijo when you had the crotch repair piece! I have no idea how to change my links. Completely escapes me. I asked The Christ Child to see to it from Noo York Citty but so far he claims no knowledge at all of my links. The Chows really are kinda getting ticked off about no link to Stebbijo. Nuts.