Thursday, August 25, 2005

Went to the fair last night. Saw the llamas. They were awesome. Only thing even half as good as the llamas were the pgymy goats as the mules were a complete disappointment, but I digress. The llamas were spectacular. They come in all different colors and some llamas were groomed and looking fine and others hadn't been groomed since the beginning of summer but were looking fine nevertheless. They were eating a grass of sorts, hay probably, and from the 4-H information posted about, appear to be vegetarian. But the best part was their aura. They just looked at you. Some looked at you and began humming. Some looked at your without ever moving a muscle. They never broke your gaze. They just looked at you. These llamas had a wisdom and a patience that is ancient. More than one of them seemed to say, as they laid on a piece of beaten down sod under bright lights at a late hour, this too shall pass.

But the best part was the little 4-H boy's poster on his llama. He announced that the llama had the same birthday as him, posting both dates as proof amid all the usual llama data and information. His poster had pictures of his llama as a baby and care rituals that he and his llama maintain. But the very best was the conversation balloon in the corner with the request "Please don't pester my llama without my permission." A mother's love can even appear as a little boy with a 4-H project.

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